My take on a Indomitable Creativity deck. I’m going for a tokens build that curves into Creativity on turn 4 or 5. The combo is play a card like Raise the Alarm , Secure the Wastes , or Omen of the Sun to have a couple tokens before turn 4 so you can cast Indomitable Creativity as early as turn 4, targeting your tokens to destroy them and then reveal cards from your library until you hit a big dumb eldrazi creature and either force a scoop on the spot or attack and win in probably 3 turns or less depending on which creature you hit. The plan B is to simply win by attacking with tokens. Secure the Wastes can produce a lot of attackers at your opponent's end step and hit them really hard catching them off guard. A card to take note of is definitely Omen of the Sun . This card might seem like an underwhelming common, but I assure you it does a perfect job at adding consistency to the deck. You can cast it on curve at instant speed, get the tokens you need for the combo and if you’re unable to find creativity to cast on turn 4 then use the scry ability to set up your draw for the next turn and hopefully find creativity or Transmogrify , still on curve. It helps keep eldrazi out of your hand and dig into a combo piece. If you do get unlucky and draw an eldrazi you can’t cast, use Fire Prophecy to discard it for something else. I wanted more draw spells in the deck to hit lands each turn and make sure I always have a creativity, but there’s a balance you wanna hit of not drawing too much cause eldrazi are wasted in your hand. I was playing Thrill of Possibility in that slot but prophecy is just way better at keeping us alive. We also have Magma Jet to kill small creatures on opponent’s side and smooth out our draws by getting to scry. It’s not an amazing card but plays an essential role overall, like the Omen does.


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