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Deck title credited to Argeaux. Go check her profile, she's an amazing deck builder and has amazing looking deck descriptions.

This is my Minotaur tribal deck. I went the jund route because the lack of minotaurs has made most minotaur tribal decks all the same. I also think green fits in perfect with the black and red minotaurs. I wanted to make a minotaur tribal that, at the very least, stood out and yet is functional without losing the minotaur theme. I think as it stands it's a fun, yet unique, minotaur tribal.

- Gnarled Scarhide is our one drop that helps with early board presence. If he comes out later he can still be useful by enchanting.

- Felhide Brawler Is 1 of 2 options for a 2 drop. Can't block without another minotaur, but he is less aggressive than Deathbellow Raider.

-Boros Reckoner is a must in any minotaur tribal. He can keep opponents from attacking and if they do really make them pay. He also has a lot of interesting interactions with a lot of my spells making him very useful in this deck.

- Felhide Petrifier is to give my minotaurs deathtouch. There are only 2 because deathtouch does not stack. So having multiple does me no good.

-Rageblood Shaman is what makes a minotaur tribal viable. Trample and +1/+1 to all other minotaurs. Not bad for a 3 drop.

-Taurean Mauler is not a true minotaur (though the art says differently) but he is a changeling with an absolutely fantastic ability.

- Kragma Warcaller is a very expensive card but really worth it for late game. Giving haste and +2/+0 to attack minotaurs is great.

-Terminate is for creature removal.

- Flesh / Blood is more for the blood part than anything. Once my minotaurs are bigger it can really hurt. Flesh is a nice bonus if I have the mana.

- Armed / Dangerous is a perfect card for this deck. I can send my minotaurs in with some deathtouch and make my opponent use all creatures to block one guy. If I throw it on Boros Reckoner it will do some major damage! Of course armed is no less visble.

- Clan Defiance is fantastic! Being able to damage 2 creatures and a player. A fun interaction would be to target my own Boros Reckoner with the creature without flying and seal additional damage.

-Atarka's Command is a super versatile card. I would use it just for the 3 damage to each opponent, but it also comes with reach and buff. No lifegain and playing an extra land.

It's not meant to be super competitive but unique and still functional.

Please upvote if you liked it! Let me know what you think. Thanks for looking!


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All the names that have been provided are absolutely amazing g and hilarious. If I could o would make a minotaur deck for each one. Argeaux had mention cowgasm as just a joke, but I and hardhitta71194 almost died laughing at the comment. So without further ado, the new name of Insert Lame Name to do With Cows is:


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