Welcome, cow-mrade, to our great empire. Here in the Soviet Moo-nion, we love nothing more than eli-moo-nating those that would oppose us in our quest for world do-moo-nation. We were not always big and strong, though. Many steers ago, we had little support from our great creator, those known as Wizards of the Cow-st. They never gave us enough to survive as a do-moo-nant tribe, but that began to change in October of 1995 with release of our great set Homelands. Sure, was nothing to write back to the herd about, but was good nonetheless. We got instrument of herd-calling known as Didgeridoo (is better than what Western world calls Aether Vial), and our first lord of the Moo-nion, Anaba Spirit Crafter. We also got leader of Moo-nion Air Force, Anaba Shaman.

But this was not enough. So in September of 2013, the Wizards of the Cow-st provided our great empire with more weapons of moo-ss destruction from the Theros block, such as Rageblood Shaman (chief of moo-rale), Ragemonger (head of factory production), and Felhide Petrifier (lead engin-steer of moo-litary advance-moo-nts). With these impressive additions, our moo-litary forces continued to grow like small calf into big, moo-scular bovine warrior.

However, this was also not enough. In April of 2018, the Wizards of the Cow-st gave us new leader of Soviet Moo-nion, Czar Neheb, the Worthy. Before him, was typical of Minotaurs to follow one known as Mogis, God of Slaughter, but Mogis was lazy bum, and only battled when moo-ny warriors were present. Czar Neheb was good, generous leader, and upheld standards of Cow-moo-nist regime we all know and love.

Finally, in July of 2020, the Soviet Moo-nion came under leadership of best Cow-moo-nist leader yet, Czar Sethron, Hurloon General. He gave us focus, and led us to great battles. Under his rule, we became feared nation that was deserved for so long.

Moo-ny others have joined us on our journey, but they have grown into big, happy, Cow-moo-nist family. You wait for fancy invitation to join Soviet moo-litary? No, you join now. Was requirement for listening to lecture about Minotaur history. What? You don't want join us because you eat beef!?! Heresy! Guards, arrest this hu-moo-n Cyka Blyat and send them to slaughterhouse in Siberia. Here in Soviet Moo-nion, cow eat manburger from Mc-Cow-nalds as tasty meal. Is quite delicions. You should try sometime...


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