"Blue is bullsh!t, oh, derp derp I counter everything, hur hur!" (flips table)

Do you want to counter every spell and keep their lands tapped while you slowly kill your opponent? This one simple trick will shock you!

This is Wizard tribal control, with sustainable counterspell lockdown and land lockout. We have tutoring and deck manipulation to get to the good stuff, a bunch of bodies (some airborne), and a hell of a lot of islands.

The desired board state will have 5-6 lands and the king, Patron Wizard, alongside a few other wizardly troglodytes to sustainably lock down the spells. During your opponent's upkeep, you will play Mistbind Clique with flash, championing another faerie.

All their lands are now tapped. Maybe they tried to squeeze in an instant. You tapped a few wizards, turns out they didn't play a spell after all. Maybe they make their land drop for the turn and try to- wait, nope, countered. Deep sigh, slight frown, pass turn to you!

You cheerily attack with Mistbind Clique, return it to your hand with Vedalken Mastermind or Riptide Laboratory afterwards, leaving 4 mana open. Opponent's turn!

During their upkeep, haha, you will play your Mistbind Clique again while whistling the tune from the hit television series, Friends. Round and round we go.

I am very interested in making this more competitive for tournament play! All suggestions regarding mainboard, sideboard, land base and number balance are encouraged!


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