Oh, hey, I was just meditating and feeling the vibes of like, the tranquility of the universe and nature and junk, Oh hey, I have a question for you, will you be my friend? Oh, Wwait, before you answer, please let me tell you what I have to offer in a friendship! I offer extra cards. That's extra power, a faster deck, more mana and not to mention I am a VERY good hugger! If you will just give me a chance I will show you how wonderful, warm, soft and amazing my hugs are! Sometimes I feel really badly though. Because sometimes when I hug people-we hug for so long and my friends feel so wonderful that we all lose track of time and they just, lose. Anyway, In my hug arsenal-you will find many cards that will allow me and everyone to have the bestest of times ever! If we are going to hug, I am going to need to make sure that you don't bring any negative energy around and harsh like, my positive vibes man. So I will be bringing some control in the form of things like Ghostly Prison and Counterspell. So, as long as you are ok with hugs and promise that as long as I keep the hugs coming then I am sure we will all get along. Also I call dibs on winning.
So, there are a few combos here and a few fun ways to win. First, just to get it out of the way, the answer is yes, Approach of the Second Sun is auto included here, I shouldn't have needed to mention it, but I decided to do so just in case. SO, with that out of the way, we have this combo Minds Aglow and Psychosis Crawler is a great duo! This isn't an infinite combo, but psychosis crawler by itself is great. Mind's aglow is just simply a good way to draw a lot all at once and then grind down the rest of what the opponents have going on. The next after that is this neat 3 piece combo which consists of Temple Bell Mind Over Matter Laboratory Maniac. This infinite combo is a win on spot. Unless someone can disrupt it during it's infinite chain then you win once you tap that temple bell. There is also Spark Double Felidar Guardian Restoration Angel Altar of the Brood You could possibly win by attacking with your knight tokens, but hurting others and being violent and bringing down the positive vibes of peace and tranquility that I strive to make is like, very last resort. Triskaidekaphile is also in here too. It should be quite easy to get this win con.


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