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This is a jank mill deck made for fun.

The deck is very counter spell rich as to have any chance at milling your opponent to death you need to keep their board clear. Spell Pierce and Syncopate give you control of the early game and work as counters for very expensive spells later on. Essence Capture and Thought Collapse counter spells later on when the opponents has enough mana to fulfill Spell Pierce 's requirements. Blink of an Eye gives a second chance at countering a valuable permanent or slows the opponent down. Sleep can slow down the opponent and give you the crucial turn or two to end the game.

One the mill side of the deck Psychic Corrosion is THE mill engine. Overflowing Insight + Psychic Corrosion is the "win condition". Primal Amulet   let's you keep up the tempo and makes Overflowing Insight and other card draws even stronger. Although Sift and other cheaper card draw effects are there as a Psychic Corrosion trigger don't be afraid to use them without it just to find the the spell you need.

All suggestions are welcome.


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I took out Patient Rebuilding

The reason is that I have played the deck quite a bit and have realized that for this type of Mill to work in standard even on a Jank level it can't be a Mill deck with some counter spells. It has to be a control deck with a mill finisher. As soon as the opponent gains any serious board presence the game is as good as over. If you are very lucky Sleep can win you that extra turn and let you win the game but most of the time that won't be enough. That means you have to counter almost everything the opponent tries to play barring maybe some 1/1's or other weak permanents. So Patient Rebuilding pretty much became a 7 drop instead of a 5 drop(saving at least 2 mana for counter spells is necessary at that late in the game) for which it is way too slow and weak + it is competing with Overflowing Insight now, a card that usually acts as our win condition


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