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Corpsejack Quadruple Counters (Extreme budget)

Modern* BG (Golgari) Budget Casual Counters Midrange Multiplayer



Golgari doubling counters deck. Pull out Corpsejack Menace in the early game and watch the counters double, or rather, quadruple. Lotleth Troll can gain counters early as well as be a perfect target for an early game Rancor. Midgame is filled with nasty cards like Managorger Hydra that will grow on your opponents turn as well as Champion of Lambholt which can make all your threats unblockable. Creakwood Liege will make almost everything you play stronger, while pumping out 3/3 worms as long as it's in play. Use Essence Harvest on your biggest threat to gain life and win the game quickly.

Cards in the maybe board are some cards that can be used to make the deck better but increase its price, or cards that could be useful in a deck like this.


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