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(It's krakens)

My Braids deck, The Braided Siren's Song (Show n' Tell Theft), is no longer quite the seamonster tribal it used to be so I built a budget Thassa deck. I took a lot of inspiration from multiple decks so mine might seem a bit vanilla. That said, I did a lot of research and there truly aren't a lot of ways to deviate when doing a seamonster theme-deck. There are only so many good seamonsters, after all. I wasn't blown away from what I saw in the lower CMCs for blue fishy creatures (not including Merfolk and Wizards) so I have a bunch of defenders and walls--which I know are frowned upon in EDH for being one-dimensional. I think they round out the lower part of my mana curve, will help with devotion, dissuade early pressure in multiplayer games, and potentially could preserve vital HPs for my late-game strategy. It works

I had half the seamonster base and core of the deck--as well as Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx , Cyclonic Rift , and Chasm Skulker --lying around so the deck only cost $35 or so to complete. Quicksilver Amulet was definitely a splurge but I'm glad I purchased it. Many cards have doubled, quadrupled, or more in price since I first built this deck. Wall of Kelp was $1, Thassa, God of the Sea was $7, Cyclonic Rift was $6, Breaching Leviathan was bulk, etc.

I'm keeping the budget tag because I feel the core of the deck is budget and the many expensive utility cards can be easily swapped for cheaper cards.

Cards to add/consider:

Brine Elemental , Propaganda , Vortex Elemental , Rite of Replication ,

I would love to find room for Walking Sponge but it's just not as good as more versatile cards.

Cards in the Maybeboard with an SL are cards I own.

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Updates Add

Took out Deepchannel Mentor and Deep-Sea Kraken for Blue Sun's Zenith and Slinn Voda, the Rising Deep.

My commander seems to make my creatures unblockable often enough so I figured a small creature upgrade and more card-draw would be good.

I want to get Lightning Greaves in place of Whispersilk Cloak, but the greaves prevent my commander's ability from targeting (not a huge deal). Might try to keep the cloak in and run all three of greaves, cloak, and Swiftfoot Boots. Nothing sucks more than spending eight mana on something to have it whacked. Still, I've noticed that the 2 equip cost on the cloak often means I can't equip the same turn as I play a threat.

I want to get Wall of Kelp in somehow, too, but so far the amount of walls I have for early game is working pretty well. They still are bad late-game draws (sometimes!) but Thassa's scry should help with that--when I remember.

Vortex Elemental and Brine Elemental keep growing on me, but I'd rather spend my middle-game ramping into the threats that actually win the game. Also, I usually tap out to play big beaters and would rather not leave the five mana open for Vortex, despite it being quite the rattlesnake.

Edit: Also added Nezahal, Primal Tide a few weeks ago. What an upgrade!! I want it every game. I still prefer Thassa as the commander by far.

Edit: Added Wall of Kelp on 5/29/18. So much kelp! It's on the reserved list so I figured I should get it before some punkass manipulates the market. I need to figure out a token for it!


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