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Control and card advantage without blue? Oh yes!

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This deck uses Argothian Enchantress and Enchantress's Presence to get card advantage. With Elephant Grass and Solitary Confinement my opponents can't kill me. Sterling Grove protects my enchantments and is my tutor to search for enchantments I need.

I make a lot of dead cards in my opponent's hand: Spot removal and most creatures are useless and Wasteland has not many targets.

My winconditions are Helm of Obedience + Rest in Peace or Emrakul, the Aeons Torn hardcast. The rest of the deck is a toolbox for different matchups, especially versus blue decks.

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Went 3-0 at FNM in my local store. Easy win versus Goblins (2-0), hard fought wins versus BR Reanimator (2-1) and UB Reanimator (2-1). I've lost in both Reanimator games game 1, but my sideboard did a quite good job!

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