Mama Hydra Slap to the Face!

The point of the deck is to win by commander damage or overwhelming combat shenanigans by ideally achieving additional combat phases. I've had Progenitus for a while and I thought, why not make a deck around it? There are definitely stronger and better commander options out there, but I wanted to put together a fun deck that can be somewhat competitive at the same time. I will consider any suggestions, and thank you for your time! :)


Additional combat phase infinite combos:

The idea is to continually create copies of Combat Celebrant or Aurelia and using the newest copy to attack, thus creating infinite combat phases. However, a haste effect must be in effect for creatures you control in order for the copies to attack. On top of that, having Cryptolith Rite/Elven Chorus effect in play is needed too to supply the mana to pay for Orthion's ability.

You first need to pay an initial mana to trigger its ability once. Cryptolith Rite (must have other creatures out to use), Esika, God of the Tree   (if you have legendary creatures in play), Faeburrow Elder (must have all five colors in the identification among permanents you control on the battlefield), and Selvala, Heart of the Wilds (must have a single green mana on hand plus, on the battlefield, your greatest creature at power five minimum) are ways to potentially create infinite mana by taking advantage of the "untap all other creatures" ability of whatever source (in this case Aggravated Assault), causing you to gain multiple combat phases. Note that there are some exceptions that can only untap attacking creatures or not untap creatures entirely. Use the mana to infinitely activate Aggravated Assault's ability.

This method isn't guaranteed infinite combat phases but has the potential to do so. The combos with the listed creatures requires combat damage with the created tokens. The nice part with Eowyn is that the tokens have haste and trample, allowing them to be more likely to deal combat damage to opponents with the amount of buffs in the deck. With the decent amount of humans in the deck, Eowyn also grants some card advantage.


My Questions:

  • Any additional combat combo suggestions, or maybe infinite combos I didn't see?
  • Card suggestions or suggestions in general?


Please leave feedback/comments and thanks for checking out the deck! I hope you all have a lovely day! :)


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