"Levi's Azorius Flicker"


This deck uses the value of Grand Arbiter, in combination with Flicker spells and ETB effects to ramp turn 3, 4, and 5...

After that, it's a flicker deck that uses a combination of ETB value in addition to utilizing the value of our graveyard quite often.

Strategy for Turns)

1-3) Play lands, not much more... If you get a mana rock or two, you might be able to start ramping by getting Grand Arbiter out on turn 3 instead of 4.

4) Almost always play Grand Arbiter to set you ahead, and your opponents effectively back a turn. Might be a couple exception options - Kor Cartographer or Solemb Simulacrum to start ramping - God of Polis, to start a draw engine - Maybe some removal if opponents are going off.

5-6) Get one or two ETB creatures on the board, and maybe flicker one of them for value

7->) Start to control the game with sprinkled removal, board wipes, and counterspells

Note if grand arbiter gets removed, and you've got to pay the commander tax, you typically don't need him after turn 6/7 so just do the math if it's worth it.

!!!Don't forget to note graveyard value, so don't be shy to chump-block!!!

Spell Recursion) -Snapcaster & Torrential Gearhulk -Momentary Blink -Archaeomancer

Creature Recursion) -Body Double -Reveillark & Karmic Guide -Sun Titan -Angel of Serenity -Ojutai's Command

Final Note A couple infinite combos are present (Reveillark/Karmic Guide), (Deadeye Navigator/Peregrine Drake) But these should not be your win conditions unless you like to play it that way...


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