Good ol' slivers. To make it interesting, it's a sliver deck that uses board wipes to its advantage. You take advantage of Sliver Hivelord's ability to make your slivers indestructible. Pretty much, you just want your slivers on the board. Of course, always be mindful of control decks, blue shenanigans, infect, and white removal that has exiling. You don't want to play your board wipes if Sliver Hivelord can be removed from the battlefield before the spell resolves.

You do have the option to play any of the Sliver lords as your commander, but I would suggest either Sliver Overlord or Sliver Hivelord. When I initially made this deck, Sliver Hivelord was my commander.

Any suggestions to improve this deck are welcomed.

Update: Included more artifacts such as Sol Ring, Chromatic Lantern, Herald's Horn, and Door of Destinies. Also, included enchantments to help with mana and protection (Cryptolith Rite and Privileged Position). The lands have also been modified to include more basic lands in case there are any Blood Moon/non-basic land destruction shenanigans. Also, added more card draw (Phyrexian Arena, Guardian Project, etc).

Update 2: Took out some cards, put in others from more recent sets and a couple slivers from the Modern Horizons set.


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