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Coming of the Gravetide (MuldrothaEDH, Need Help!)

Commander / EDH* Battlecruiser BUG (Sultai) Reanimator


"See the black crows circle high
Waiting for brave men to die
They sense the coming of the tide
When opposition's swept aside."

  • Coming of the Tide, Amon Amarth, from Deceiver of the Gods


I'm looking for a little help making the right choices with this deck before I sleeve it up and hit the table next weekend. My playgroup has a "No Degenerate Combos" rule, so I'm looking for powerful but fair interactions. The cards below are ones I physically own, and up for swapping in if it upgrades what I'm trying to do. I tried to sort them in accord with what they offer the deck. I'm also open to cards I don't currently own, as long as they are not prohibitivly expensive. If you have a suggestion on a card to include, I would very much appreciate it if you could also offer a suggestion as to what to take out! Thanks a ton!


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