Hi, i'm an edh player, i don't play competitive, i just wanna have fun with my friends and try to win. I love building decks and i'm always trying to find better and funnier solution to improve my decks. Usually i'm starting with a budget deck and after some games, if is it worth, i replace some budget cards with stronger ones.
I was looking for a Dimir commander and my first choice was Lazav, Dimir Mastermind, I was trying to put together some ideas, but in the meantime they printed Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow and i fell in love with her.
I think ninjutsu is a really nice ability and the fact that you can play your commander everytimes for is fantastic.
Last but not least, her triggered ability is kinda broken and really fun, expecially when you reveal a super expensive card without manipulating the top deck (a bit less fun when you reveal a land :D).
The deck needs:

  • Enablers:

    creature with low cmc (since you have to play them multiple times) and some kind of evasion (flying or unblockable). There isn't much to say about 0 cmc drop and 1 cmc drops, but they aren't enough so i added some good 2 cmc drops like Augury Owl which can works as a top deck manipulator, Dimir Infiltrator which can works as a tutor or Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive which can help Yuriko going face. I also added unusual unblockable like Dimir Keyrune and Creeping Tar Pit, I know they are quite slow, but in case of emergency... .
    I recently added Gingerbrute because I think having an enabler with haste could save my game sometimes.
    Yuriko has to deal damage every turn, so I added some cards that can help like Aqueous Form, Thassa, God of the Sea,Smoke Shroud, Whispersilk Cloak (slow but also provides protection) and something to bring her back to my hand: Quickling, Cunning Evasion
  • Top deck Manipulator:

    so you can find the best card to reveal with Yuriko's ability and force the hand of fate. Top deck manipulation is really important here and you can do it multiple times with creatures like Faerie Seer and Augury Owl or the queen of the deck Sensei's Divining Top.
  • Sexy Ninjas:

    so you can trigger Yuriko's ability multiple times and do fun stuff.
  • High CMC stuff:

    mainly good Delve spells or split cards. Using these cards allow you to deal a lot of damage and in the meantime have something playable. I recently added Draco, because 16 damage are just too much. Its a dead draw, yes, but hopefully I'll draw it when I want to. There is also a chance to bring it back on top of the library using Brainstorm or Witch's Cottage. I think he deserve a spot in the list.


This deck is really fast and has an insane draw power. Yuriko herself let you draw a lot and there are 2 more ninjas that have drawing ability (Ninja of the Deep Hours and Ingenious Infiltrator).

Other consideration

Excluding the 4 main categories already mentioned, the deck includes some counters in response of the biggest threats since we got and we can't ignore it.
Some boards wipe like Coastal Breach if the opponents are going too aggressive. And since the deck needs High CMC spells, extra turn spells like Temporal Trespass fits perfectly here.
The most hated quote after Yuriko's combat damage is "Ok, it's 1 damge for you and...16 for everyone :D"


I think this is one of the most powerful deck I have, but of course it has some weakness. Playing against life-gain decks are really difficult since you can't kill all your opponents at the same time. We can also add sacrifice deck to the hard enemies's list. If you can't win fast, handle a late game without blockers and maybe without a way to deal damage is almost impossible.

You need to play Yuriko on turn 2 (max 3), so a good hand is made of , and a 1cmc creature. Everything else is not important, but is good if you also have something to manipulate the top deck or another ninja to join Yuriko's party.
The main finishers in this deck are Brainstorm, Insidious Dreams, Mystical Tutor, and Lim-Dul's Vault. As soon as you burnt enough enemies life, you can cast these spell just before Yuriko's trigger and prepare the most expensive cards on the top of your library (there are Draco, 2x 11cmc, 2x 10 cmc and 1x 9 cmc).
Mystic Sanctuary and Witch's Cottage are really interesting since your opponents can't counter them. Obviously even an extra turn can be lethal for your opponents.

Just decided to change 2 cards since i'm using them in my Marchesa deck and i'm tired of switching them every game.


Here are some cards that i would like to try:


Here are some example of decks I'm facing in my playgroup:

Mogis, God of Rakdos-Fun
Zizou Land Punisher

My other decks

Bontu, Mrs Crocodile Dundee
Did Someone Say Extra Combat?
Marchesa, Be Right Back
Ghired Create a Token that's a Copy of WHAT?

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Feedback and +1 Upvote are welcome!


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