This is my first real deck description so it might be incoherent, I get lost in my thoughts

This deck aims to change the composition of your opponent's deck and create a sub-game of magic that you can play forever. Of course, you'll have complete control of the real game which you can end at any time.

The Combo

This deck uses the Dramatic Scepter combo to get infinite mana. In case you're unfamiliar with this combo, I'll go ahead and explain it. First you need 3+ mana from NONLAND sources. Next, cast Isochron Scepter, Imprinting Dramatic Reversal (or another 2 mana instant if you have Paradox Engine out, just make sure that if the card requires a target, you have something to target and then replay, or you won't be able to go infinite. Anticipate can draw your deck; Boomerang can bounce your opponent's board but can't go infinite; unless you have a Memnite on the field; Impulse see Anticipate; Enlightened Tutor should be able to go infinite, correct me if I'm wrong, same with Mystical Tutor; Vampiric Tutor will kill you) Now you have infinite colorless mana. If you haven't already drawn your deck with Anticipate or Impulse, use Thrasios, Triton Hero to do so. This will also get you all of your lands.

Changing Your Opponent's Deck and Starting a Sub-Game

Now that you have infinite colorless mana, cast Gemstone Array which you can use to generate colored mana. By now you should start to convince the table not to concede, as they will likely want to do so to deny you the fun of accomplishing your goal. Now that they've settled in, whether by diplomacy or force, cast Dragonlord Dromoka to keep them from doing stuff on your turn. Cast Deadeye Navigator and Venser, Shaper Savant, soulbonded together. Bounce Venser over and over again to bounce your opponent's board. Then, bounce Deadeye Navigator and soulbond it to Eternal WitnessNow you can cast all of your instants and sorceries as many times as you please. Cast Raven's Crime until everyone else's hand is in their graveyard. Now cast Mnemonic Nexus so each opponent's deck is all in one neat stack Do the same with Extract to exile everyone else's library leaving each of them with one card. Play Leyline of Anticipation, Hive Mind, and Mindslaver. Sacrifice Mindslaver to take the next player's turn. You can now, using the Eternal Witness Deadeye Navigator loop, sacrifice, recur, and recast Mindslaver to take everyone else's turn, forever, if you so desire. You're gonna have to convince them that you have somnething less sinister in mind and to hang around if they want to see. Just Mindslaver each opponent once for now, play Lullmage Mentor, and get a ton of copies of it with Saheeli's Artistry so you can counter everything, getting more copies if needed. Cast Thought Vessel. Pass the turn. Take their turn, drawing a card. Then go back to your side of the table and Raven's Crime the card, Mnemonic Nexus and Extract that card. Hive Mind will give each opponent a copy of those spells. Counter your opponent's copies. They now have nothing. Cast Mastermind's Aquisition:, countering each copy but that of the active player. Select a card from another one of that player's decks. Repeat this 100 times for that player. They now have another commander deck in their hand. Raven's Crime Mnemonic Nexus their hand into their library. Do that for each opponent and, if you wish, yourself. If you have anything in your deck, get it into your hand. Each opponent should have nothing in hand and a full deck. Once it gets back to your turn, Mindslaver each opponent again and pass. Put the card they drew into their deck and cast a tutor on your side, countering each copy but the active player's and search that player's deck for their commander. Get rid of your Hive Mind. Do this for each player, including yourself. Now that it's your turn again, play Mycosynth Lattice and use Saheeli's Artistry to copy your infinitie mana combo once for each opponent. Mindslaver the table and pass. Get rid of their draw. They should still have their commander in hand. Use donate to give that player one infinite mana combo so they can cast their commander. Give each player four copies of Hedron Archive adn have them each sacrifice them to draw eight cards. Raven's Crime them each once. Exile their combo with Scour from Existence, leaving their commander. Now Fiend Hunter their commander. Do this for each opponent and yourself, explaining that if any player pays the mana required for their commander, you will get rid of the corresponding Fiend Hunter. They may not use the floating mana that turn. Play Platinum Angel and give each opponent a copy. Explain that you can now play as many sub games as you want within the main game. If any of the players use the Platinum Angel to do anything, they will be killed. Treat your board of the main game separate from that of the sub-game, using only cards from your sub-deck in the sub game unless a player breaks any rule, in which case you will kill them. Use Stream of Life or copy and sacrifice copies of Bile Urchin to give everyone forty life. Play all the permanents in your main-deck hand. This protects your board from everything but mass bounce and exile, which you will have to counter to maintain control. All of your sub-game permanents will be indestructible and hexproof with Mycosynth Lattice, Darksteel Forge, and Leonin Abunas. If one of your sub-game permanents would be targeted or destroyed, bounce it and discard it or if it would be exiled, bounce it, discard it, Mnemonic Nexus it into your deck, then Extract it and tutor up whatever else was in your graveyard and discard it. Play the sub-game, making sure everything goes where it normally would if your main-game deck didn't interfere. You can reset life totals and play as many sub-games as you want.

How to Play

This deck does nothing if you don't have the combo. All slots not dedicated to the combo are dedicated to finding it. We have no interaction, thus, if an opponent gets down disruption or does something about your combo, you can't do anything. Just play to assemble the combo as quickly as possible.

An ideal hand will have 2-3 lands, 1-2 mana rocks, and 1+ tutors. Obviously this isn't going to happen every time, but you can play and early Thrasios, Triton Hero to draw cards and ramp. Tutor for Isochron Scepter Dramatic Reversal combo because it really only requires two cards, however if you have Paradox Engine go for Isochron Scepter before an instant to imprint as you're more likely to just draw into one of those than the Scepter.

Obvious upgrades include Imperial Seal, Grim Tutor, Mana Crypt, Grim Monolith and the original duals.

Inspiration for this deck came from The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE by chosenone124:. A fantastic deck with an even better description.


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