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Colorless/Blue Artifact Deck Help!



Colorless and Blue Artifact Deck Help requested!

I was hoping someone could give me some feed back and help on narrowing down my cards to a 60 card deck. I collect a TON of magic cards but usually don't make decks. I would like to make a colorless and blue artifact deck. I'm struggling to select only 60 to make a deck from among these. I've narrowed it down to these cards out of all the cards I own. I want to use these as I already own them, they work together (at least I think), and I don't have to buy more. I haven't built a deck in a very long time. My friends and I have game nights about once a month. I don't play tournaments at all so the legality of the cards doesn't matter. The nights always turn into who can crush who. So I ask for your help, which cards would be the most annoying 60 card deck for them to deal with? I'm open to adding different cards not on the list but trying to stay away from spending more money on cards. Of course I will add more island as needed. Thanks for any feedback.

Edit 10/17/2020: For everyone new visiting the deck I have adjusted it from what it was to these 60 cards with tons of input from everyone. I am curious and open to more input. Thanks. I went for a mana ramp/destroy aspect. Master Transmuter+Spine of Ish Sah+Meteor Golem to return and play it over and over. Then an infinite mana loop with Basalt Monolith+Forsaken Monument.


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