Based on my Moxfield version of the deck.

The Mardu Who's Who. The Mardu 30 Under 30.

This deck aims to play only Legendary creatures and turn them sideways. The concept of playing one's favorite Legendary Creatures seems like a lot of fun. I like that as a Legendary Matters deck, this allows for more wiggle room to play favorite legendaries and pet cards. I also like the potential for some other themes:

  • Superfriends Planeswalkers
  • Backgrounds and "Commander Creatures you control" legendary support.

For my deck I'm mostly looking to play a mix of Legendaries that work well in Aggro strats, as well as some with support and control elements.

No combos in this deck, just beats.

The Mardu wedge of the pie has a lot of awesome Legendaries, too many even to choose from. I think one of the fun aspects of this deck, is that I could probably swap out a handful of legendaries each game and try out new combinations of creatures to see what value I can get beyond "Legendaries that do well in aggro and midrange shells"

Obvious Upgrades I don't currently own

  • Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer - The price of this monkey is probably never going down. I'm far more likely to proxy this card and Sharpie up a Ragavan token from Kaladesh. Seems like a no-brainer for this deck if it wasn't so expensive. It is absurdly good.

  • The Meathook Massacre - A great card, but also absurdly expensive with very little dip in price on the horizon. I'm more inclined to play Toxic Deluge since I have a copy already.

  • Both Sheoldred, Whispering One and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. OG Sheoldred could be a cool edict and recursion piece. I think Mogis fills the edict effect space for now, and the deck has about 5 graveyard recrusion effects. Waiting to see how the prices on new Sheoldred play out after release. I would like some life gain on draws to off set the life loss from Shanid and other draw effects in deck.

Cards I own, but aren't currently in deck

These are all things I have in my binders that I'm far more likely to try out at some point. Most of them are in my considering list at this point. I've noticed that the 4 cmc slot is especially heavy:

This is going to be a fairly standard mix of Rocks and Treasure production. I could add my copy of Smothering Tithe here, but I'd like to see how the deck functions as is first.


Treasure Production

A mix of cantrips, looting, impulse, and repeatable effects. In play-testing so far, I've experienced that Shanid draws fairly consistently with the volume of Legendaries in deck, but helps to keep a foot on the gas.

I currently have about 10 targeted or board wipe type effects in deck. Feels a little light, but a few effects are repeatable.


Updates Add

I will be replacing Etali, Primal Storm with Mishra, Claimed by Gix once it is available for editing.


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