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Clockwork Summoning (For Budget Nerds)

Modern* Affinity Aggro Budget Combo Mono-Black



I'm really tired!

This is a wee super budget deck that you can buy for like, the cost of an intro pack. You have to mulligan until you have a way to get heartless summoning, then cast your 2 mana creatures for nothing! It's good because even if you don't get heartless summoning, you can still do fine because the creatures are good and synergize with eachother :P Sign in blood is great cause it refills your hand, and can be used to burn your opponents down. It's really prototype so help is very welcome!

ANYWAY! Hope you like it. Very affordable, and when I'm done with it, might even be viable! PLEASE +1 IF YOU LIKE IT :D

what this deck needs is/are tutors, and a way to trade dead cards for artifacts (Like a black faithless looting). I'd like something that takes advantage of the amount of artifacts I have, and I'm also considering an altar of the brood/ myr retriever combo.


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