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Clearcutting with Titania

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This deck is built to revolve around Titania, Protector of Argoth. It likes to ramp into a turn 3 or 4 Titania, and then use her abilities to gain a ton of advantage. The deck durdles a fair amount if you are not able to stick Titania to the board, but when she is out it is a force to be reckoned with.

This deck tends to fare well against most strategies; mostly because it tends to be extremely fast. It plays out like a mono green combo deck fairly often, but it can also whittle people down with 5/3s. The 5/3s may seems like they will be quickly outclassed, but it is difficult to face down an nigh unending torrent of them.

One of the most powerful cards in the deck is Sylvan Safekeeper. This 1 drop gives you massive board advantage with 5/3s and protects Titania at the same time. This card is what I tutor for most often. I particularly enjoy playing Chord of Calling on an opponents end step fetching the Sylvan Safekeeper, then sacrificing all of my lands. Unless someone has a Fog or one of its many variants, that can usually win the game.

I have also included a few other strategies to make the game difficult for the opposition. Smokestack is an insane card in this deck. It gives me 5/3s every turn while presenting painful decisions to my opponents. Additionally I have included a small land destruction package of Strip Mine, Wasteland , Tectonic Edge and Ghost Quarter. All of these tend to work well with either Titania's first ability or Crucible of Worlds. This package has been included to slow down my opponents while advancing my boardstate.


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