We of the Cult of Rakdos welcome you our wonderful abode. I, Judith , will be your Ringmistress for the evening's festivities and we have something special in store for you people. I have been given by the venerable and majestic Rakdos himself the opportunity to unveil our grand menagerie of the most exquisite and unique specimens of his collection. Ohhhh the giddy I feel right now is to die for.

Ladies and gentlemen, beasts of various shapes and sizes, set your sights and behold...

The Carnarium

We here have a variety of tastes when it comes to our performances ranging from simple parlor tricks to bathing in pools of fresh velvet body essence all to entertain our master and to leave you all in shock and awe. But as you walk down the halls and enter spacious rooms you will come across the various animals which adds to the whimsy of it. My darling audience I'm sure you'll love 'em as I do.

These hail from our very on rock and soil of a world and for what they do they really pack a heavy punch. Pelt Collector grows in life and death as each prey it hunts adds its magnificent mane to his collection. The bigger the prey, the sweeter the hunt. And I do enjoy its sense of fashion, something I'm quite savvy of. Fanatical Firebrand comes and goes, literally. But when it does, it makes sure to leave a sting on your fair and delicate skin - a first and last laugh all on its own.
He spins, dashes, and gone in a flash, our very own Fireblade Artist joins in on the fun, eager to show what he can do. Don't worry about the occasional slip ups. They may seem unintentional but, here in our home, sometimes barks can leave their mark more than bites. Another interesting fellow is this Zhur-Taa Goblin that got caught fondling around our tools. I DID plan to use its hide to make some masks with it but, seeing how it moves around the cage, we decided to have other plans. Ergo, another to be added to the zoo of spectacles.
We found this tough looking lady smashing and bashing through some of the Azorious patrols. One look from her you may see just a monster. As is, you fail too see the beauty that it holds in itself. Such strength, such speed, such temper...just WONDERFUL. You may see more of her on one of my coming acts.
From the pits of hell itself, it smells bloodshed and horror. The tiniest ounce of blood and the hinting cry of a man, it shrieks, it leaps, it soars and roars. Boys and girls big and small here comes the very Spawn of Mayhem , here to wreck havoc and takes you along for the ride in more ways than one. And finally, an Avian of such burning majesty, the embodiment of birth and rebirth, shining brighter than the very sun, our masters personal and rarest find, the Rekindling Phoenix .
Our acts take time to master, while other takes mere moments to do. In the end we simply want to keep all you folks smiling, to distract you from your troubles and provide you with a sense of easiness. Whether they may come in a form of conjuring forth lightning from fire and brimstone, toying around some of our trophies or having some devilish fun with one of you lucky sightseers, I say again, it's all for the spectacle of it all.
If you are interested in other pursuits then please do step into the sidelines as we have many more shows happening. Everything you see has its purpose in the grand performance. For those of strong will and who think they are better, we give them a simple sleight of hand and a good whipping after, leaving them with an extremely warm feeling all over. For the big boys of the group, we aren't afraid of getting in close and personal . Lastly, for the ones who rudely interrupt en masse, we have a small reset button to restart the show. There's never truly and end, only a delay.

And that brings us to the end of our show. We do hope you enjoyed your stay with us as we wouldn't like to make our viewers disappointed now. We're excited to see you again verrry soon.

And for those who left just a bit early for reasons...well...let's just say you're in for a...

If you have anything to suggest to add to our shows then please do tell us. If it means pleasing our master then your words are our pleasure.


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