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This decklist does not exist. Or rather, it shouldn't. Some people (and by some I mean many) have said Circu is a terrible, if unplayable commander. I was one of them until I started building. What started as a casual mill deck is evolving as we speak into a more competitive UB dramatic scepter/lab man consultation deck that leans on its control elements. Some new releases in Guilds of Ravnica and some inspirational prodding from the new Guild Kits inspired me to port a fringe but powerful archetype from modern into EDH: Lantern Control.

If pure combo is your game then there are far better options to choose from in edh. Mill combos are clumsy without the aid of a mikokoro, not to mention the difficulty of milling 2+ opponents in edh "fairly" if your combo pieces are disrupted or extracted. As for a dedicated Dimir combo commander I would probably choose Vela. Thus, I hatched a more devious plan with Circu: Control the opponents top deck draws, keep the game running late and make everyone THOROUGHLY MISERABLE. At first glance Circu's triggered abilities seem irrelevant and his fine print underwhelming. I beg the reader to remember that EDH is a format RIFE with staples, watch your opponents gasp as they are no longer able to play Sol Ring or Cyclonic Rift. Many of the control cards in this deck send the targeted card to the top deck, so you can deal with reanimation, eldrazi, what have you.. You won't be able to counter or remove everything, so just focus on the stuff that matters. Early playtests were more successful than anticipated, the draw-go nature of the deck coupled with the lantern control pieces increases the viability of the mill engines as a wincon. There's an infinite combo in the form of the famous Dramatic Scepter. Another wincon is the equally notorious Laboratory Maniac and Demonic Consultation . Also, Winter Orb + Relic Barrier can sometimes win you the game as well (or at least slow it down until you can). Hell, sometimes Notion Thief plus a wheel effect gets you wins. This is definitely a WIP but I would like to make it AS COMPETITIVE AS POSSIBLE so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Let the luminescent circus of lobotomy begin!

Wishlist: Vampiric Tutor , Imperial Seal , Field of Dreams , Chains of Mephistopheles , Force of Will , Damnation , Painful Quandary , Tainted Pact , Train of Thought , No Mercy .

I am currently trying to aquire proxies for Chains of Mephistopheles , Field of Dreams , and The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale please comment or message me if you have and wish to buy or trade.


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