Welcome to the preliminary primer for Chulane Aluren Hulk! This list aims on winning with Chulane on the battlefield, by resolving several enchantments that allow us to loop self bounce creatures. There is also a Flash Hulk line to allow for some early game wins.

The standard Flash Hulk combo for the deck goes as followed: Flash + Protean Hulk to find >> Karmic Guide + Sidisi's Faithful , using Karmic Guide to bring back [Protean Hulk] and sacrificing it to Sidisi's Faithful . Find >> Gigantoplasm + Saffi Eriksdotter , with Gigantoplasm copying Karmic Guide , which returns Protean Hulk . Sac Saffi Eriksdotter , targeting Gigantoplasm , then after activate Gigantoplasm for X=0. It will die but then return due to Saffi's triggered ability. Clone Protean Hulk , and activate again for X=0. Find >> Hapless Researcher + Mirror Image + Phantasmal Image , with the clones copying a [Karmic Guide] and Sidisi's Faithful . Exploit Protean Hulk and reanimate Gigantoplasm . Resolve Hulk trigger first, finding >> Reveillark + any random 1 drop. Gigantoplasm returns as a copy of reveilark, which lets you loop it with it's activated ability. You can activate the [Hapless Researcher] to loot, and you can recur it with the Reveilark + Gigantoplasm loop.You can now loot through your whole deck, putting it in your graveyard, sculpting the perfect hand, reanimating any creature in your deck power 2 or less, and eventually finding Laboratory Maniac for the win.
Verse 1 >> Hapless Researcher Verse 2 >> Saffi Eriksdotter Verse 3 >> Village Bell-Ringer Verse 4 >> Gigantoplasm Verse 5 >> Reveillark If you have enough mana of 3 mana producing mana dork combinations, you can chain off on verse 3, by untapping Yisan, the Wanderer Bard with Village Bell-Ringer , then copying Bell-Ringer with Gigantoplasm , then using Saffi's ability on that copy, activating for X=0, it returning and you starting the Reveilark + Gigantoplasm combo.
If you already have Chulane, Teller of Tales in play, you can use Flash + Protean Hulk to find >> Academy Rector + Shrieking Drake + Sidisi's Faithful . Exploit Rector, trigger it's ability to find [Aluren], now with Shrieking Drake and Chulane, Teller of Tales will draw your deck and let you win with Laboratory Maniac .
These involve either Overburden or Mana Breach , Chulane, Teller of Tales , and specifically Shrieking Drake . Tap a land for blue, cast Drake, triggering the enchantment and Chulane. return the land you just tapped and user Chulane's ability to put it back on the battlefield untapped. You will have also netted a card. Drake triggres, bouncing the drake back to your hand. Now you can loop this process to draw your whole deck.
Easiest combo in the deck, 2 one drops and 2 untapped lands draws your deck with Cloudstone Curio .


Updates Add

In: Brazen Borrower >> Out: Rapid Hybridization . The deck feels like it wants as many creatures as possible, so I am slowly trying to transition into more. Requires a bunch more testing, but hopefully with ELD official release folks can give me more feedback.



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