Budget ($150 on TCG) Elves are broken for mana production and cheap creatures to buff with Kamahl. I'm avoiding land ramp by going elf ramp because if I want to swing at my opponent with anything, paying an additional 1 mana for each land to swing can get expensive and it's easier to go infinite mana, so I'm having creatures foot the mana bill and this makes it easier to tutor them out and do other fun combos. Win by swinging out or destroying their whole land base. My favorite is save up mana in helix for a gg, shroud just makes it broken, just sitting in their faces collecting mana counters. There are so many elves to go infinite with, not to mention all the combos that make the elves untap... but who cares anyway? Elves produce a metric Tesla truck ton of mana without even aiming for infinite mana, but you’ll get there anyway. Too much mana you say? No such thing, blow any extra mana down the sink in any number of ways. Just make sure to tutor out the protection elves like Ezuri. Don’t spend mana to summon elves, play a game of 52 pick up with primal surge or lurking predators, and save that mana for pump and dumps like kamahl. Honestly, Kamahl's just a good mana sink and can give elves the additional power to buff their mana production abilities. Destroying lands is just a fun side hustle that never gets old. Super mana flooded? Sink it here Daddy. Doesn't kill them and you still have recurring infinite? Well, that hate is probably gonna come back to you, so just grab leave enough mana to threaten to animate all their lands so they dont use mass destruction.


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