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Chemical Burn [Science Experiment]

Pauper Aristocrats Burn Jank Pauper Theme/Gimmick UR (Izzet)



Inspired by TheMillKid's deck linked here: Stitcher the "Blood Witch"

"Watch it Oglor, you're spilling my chemicals everywhere!"

Welcome to Chemical Burn, or 'The Great Izzet Science Experiment.' This deck is a combination of an aristocrat deck and a burn control deck. The card that slaps all of these cards together in my opinion is Stitcher's Apprentice . It's a flavorful little Homunculus (just look at that flavor text) that does everything we want it to do. Except protect himself, which is kind of annoying but I'll forgive him. The entire deck including sideboard is under $10, so what is there to lose? Let's get into the cards, shall we?

Stitcher's Apprentice - the ultimate value and flavor center for this deck. Makes an amazing target for removal, however. But if we can stick one, we can consistently pump out 2/2s for value.

Dragon Egg - a nice sacrifice creature for any of our many outlets. Can also just block something for value. Our baby dragon can hatch whenever we see fit, and can finish off games when necessary.

Goblin Arsonist - a little annoying thing that can be sacrifice fodder early on and can clear a few early threats from the opponent. It can also block */2s.

Mogg War Marshal - a sweet value creature that gives two bodies no matter what, and makes awesome sacrifice fodder.

Bogardan Dragonheart - an easy sacrifice outlet and a quick burst of evasive damage when we need it.

Perilous Myr - most often removal for threats or a burn spell to our opponent's face.

Perilous Research - an excellent way to refill our hand and gain value from our creatures that want to die.

Reckless Abandon - one of our only forms of removal, it is also a nice way to remove a large chunk of our opponent's health. Replace with Collateral Damage if instant speed is worth the -1 damage to you.

Wrangle - another odd form of removal that we run in order to take out small threats and use them against our opponent (then sacrifice them to our stuff).

Otherworldly Outburst - another way to take advantage of our dying creatures by creating another aggressive token body.

9 Mountain s and 5 Island s

4 Swiftwater Cliffs - because you just gotta

Ingot Chewer - artifact removal with a body. You can sacrifice it when its ETB trigger is on the stack.

Act of Treason - to take care of big scary stuff like Gurmag Angler and Ulamog's Crusher

Electrickery - for elves, tokens, or weenies

Negate - additional protection against removal or counters

Stormbound Geist - annoying creature against fliers

Palace Familiar - additional card draw and help against fliers.

Tips for Piloting Chemical Burn

  • Make sure to attack with your creatures before you sac them in case the opponent falls for the bluff. Considering you can sac them at instant speed of course.

  • Use Stitcher's ability when you have the chance.

  • Don't forget about the Dragon token's firebreathing ability when finishing a game.

  • Don't be afraid to deal Reckless Abandon 's damage to their face for fun.

  • Have fun, this deck is meant to be fun to pilot, not to win all the time. If you do win though, smear it all over your opponent's pathetic face. And tell me because I want to know.

  • Homunculus(es)?

  • Burn

  • Reeks of jank

  • Izzet deck that isn't control

  • Dragon Egg

  • Cool combos

  • Once again, Homuncul(i)?

  • Oh, so cheap

  • Weak to removal of Stitcher's Apprentice

  • Can run out of gas

  • We run sub-optimal cards because they work well together

  • Takes some thought

  • Can have a hard time finishing

If you like the deck, give it a try and let me know how it goes! All suggestions are welcome, but remember, only common rarity is allowed in Pauper.

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