Welcome to the second installment of my 'Just a Worse Version of Storm' series (which I have just decided is a thing). You can find the first attempt at making storm worse here: Barren Glory Storm. This time, instead of using storm to have nothing in play, we're using storm to psuedo-mill our opponents or crush them with a swarm of squirrels!

The Summary

The deck is looking to use the infinite loop of Heartless Summoning and two Myr Retrievers to create a very large gravestorm and/or storm count. Then we cast Bitter Ordeal to remove our opponent's library from the game one card at a time. Alrternately, we destroy our own Heartless Summoning and cast Chatterstorm for a silly number of squirrels. Everything else either helps find the pieces, or disrupts our opponent.

The Goal

This deck wins with a simple 4 card combo. We will need Heartless Summoning in play, with two Myr Retrievers in hand. You'll also need a Bitter Ordeal, or Chatterstorm and Abrupt Decay in hand (or Fecundity in play).

Once Heartless Summoning is in play, Myr Retriever becomes free to cast! It also becomes immediately dead, which is why we need two of them. Play a Myr Retriever for free and let it die. Play the second Myr Retriever and when it dies, return the first one from your graveyard to your hand. Now that you have the original one back, play it and let it die to get the second one back. Play that one to- you get the point. Heartless Summoning and two Myr Retrievers create a loop that gives you functionally infinite storm and gravestorm.

Now, the easy thing to do would be to play Grapeshot and be done with it, but that's boring. Instead, we're looking for Bitter Ordeal which has a unique storm mechanic that counts the number of permanents put into a graveyard this turn instead of the number of spells cast.

If that doesn't get you excited, how about functionally infinite squirrels with traditional storm? Chatterstorm provides just that! All you need to do is get rid of Heartless Summoning with Abrupt Decay before you set your squirrels free.

For maximum style points, play Bitter Ordeal and Chatterstorm on the same turn! The summoning sick squirrls won't be pointless. They can stare down your opponent while their library slowly disappears.

The Search

Since we need so many cards to make this work, much of the deck is dedicated to helping find them. That doesn't necessarily make it reliable, but it does make it almost playable.

Shred Memory is probably the best tutor we have. It can transmute into Hearless summoning, a Myr Retriever, or a Chatterstorm, making it the only card that can get any piece of the combo. (It can also tutor up any other 2 drop, but why?)

Commune with the Gods is pretty nifty, since it let's us get either a Myr Retriever or a Heartless Summoning. It can also find Fecundity if that's what you need and you get lucky. At first glance, the fact that it puts the extra cards into our graveyard seems helpful with gravestorm, but it is not.

Fecundity Is really just for finding Bitter Ordeal or Chatterstorm. You really need to have Heartless Summoning and the Myr Retrievers doing their thing for Fecundity to be useful, but once you do it will draw your entire deck. It's pretty useless outside of that. But I've always wanted to put it in a modern deck and this was the best I could come up with, so it stays.

Infernal Tutor is basically just a 5th copy of Myr Retriever.

Dark Confidant and Nurturing Peatland are just there to draw extra cards in exchange for some life.

The Interaction

We have interaction! We're not one of those boring combo decks that does it's thing or dies... We do other stuff and then do our thing or die! Quite franky, without interaction this deck would have no chance even in casual games.

Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Duress all dursrupt our opponent's gameplan, or take away things they could use to disrupt our plan.

Assassin's Trophy, Abrupt Decay, and Maelstrom Pulse are all really only here to get rid of Rest in Peace or Leyline of the Void. They can can destroy other things in a pinch too. I guess...

We have access to more disruption and removal in the sidebaord as well, with Collective Brutality and some additional Abrupt Decays. Veil of Summer can help prevent everything being countered and is therefore interaction and very helpful.

Because winning with style points infrequently is better than winning consistently.


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