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Bad Girlfriend - Chandra's Rakdos Sac

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I have been tweaking my first Rakdos Sac list ever since Kroxa came out, and thought it reached it's pinnacle with Companion Lurrus. Have not played Companion Lurrus since the tax, I think the tax was excessive for a low-cost deck like this one so I started looking at other options. Bastion of Rememberance came to my attention as a possible inclusion in this deck sans Lurrus (I tried Lurrus as a 4-of inclusion in the main and found I lost too much in doing so). Bastion works like a Cruel Celebrant but is less susceptible to Shock, Murderous Rider, and other popular removal. Plus you get a token to feed the engine. When Grafdigger's Cage started showing up in decks it didn't really belong in, I figured it was time to try another strat that didn't rely so heavily on cycling creatures through the graveyard. Enter Chandra, Acolyte of Flame. Here was a card I messed around with for Mardu Superfriends and RDW without a second thought to how she may benefit a Rakdos Sac deck but the synergy is solid. She gives you 2 hasty tokens for early swings, or the 2 bodies you need for Priest of Forgotten God's alter, if you need to Scry then Woe Strider will eat them up nicely, you can throw one in an Oven to get back a Cat you lost, all while still triggering Celebrant, Bastion, and Mayhem Devil. If you have a Witch's Oven on the table you can attack and sac the token that gets blocked to trigger Devil also. I have been going back and forth between Anax, Hardened in the Forge and Midnight Reaper. Both synergize with Cat/Oven and can get you cards or bodies needed to fuel the engine, but both seem a little out of place relying so heavily on having 2 other cards on the table to be really effective. I tried subbing Liliana's Standard Bearer(herein referred to as LSB) in for Midnight Reaper and found it to be a very beneficial swap. Not only do you not lose the life when you draw with LSB, but you can draw a card for every Cat/Oven sacrifice you do on your turn, or you can Priest of Forgotten Gods during your opponent's turn in response to mass removal and use the mana from Priest (plus 1 other) to Flash in LSB for a draw benefit and an attacker on your turn and kick up the nitro! This particular deck epitomizes the Black predilection to go all-in and not be afraid to sac something for capital gains. To be successful you need to be willing to sacrifice a Woe Strider, LSB, Priest or anything else in this deck to get ahead. That is the one main advantage to this deck in mirror matches is that it can use opposing Priests against your opponent. I have won so many games by sacrificing my whole board to a Woe Strider and then throwing Strider into the oven to trigger 2 Bastion of Rememberances for lethal.


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