Pioneer red/blue control deck, with lots of red spells to kill creatures or burn the opponent and blue spells to counter or optimize your hand. The idea is to get the situation under control with the 20 instants, 4 sorceries and 8 adventures in the deck, then cast the creatures that went on adventure, chandra or keranos and finish your opponent.


Shock and Lightning strike are basic spells to kill he first creatures of the opponent or to burn him/her directly and make pressure. If the board gets out of your control or your rival has graveyard abusers, then you have Anger of the gods. Bonecrusher giant as a solid threat to take your opponent's life when properly controlled. Chandra, torch of defiance is an unvaluable card that can act as removal, ramp (the same turn you cast her, you can use two extra red mana to cast a lightning strike and remove a creature) or damaging, and its -7 means almost always win the game. By the other side, Chandra, awakened inferno puts a clock on your opponent while she wipes the board or kills a big one. You can cast her by turn 5 with help of the other Chandra. Shatterskull smashing is a great card that can both supply you with mana or, in the late game, kill 2 creatures/planeswalkers.


Scry, counter, cycle or bounce as needed with Opt, Censor and Brazen borrower (and, just like the giant, cast the faerie once your opponent is under your control to finish him). Torrential gearhulk is a great way to both recover a counter or lightning that leaves a fat 5/6 who can win by itself the game.


Ionize to remove the most important threats of your enemy and punish them in return with 2 damage. Keranos is the best finisher in the deck, almost impossible to eliminate and granting a huge advantage with free draws or damage.


Several dual lands to make sure you have the right base of mana every turn. Crawling barrens, despite of being colorless, can be used as a deadly finisher in the late game when both decks are limited to the topdeck.

Any suggestion will be welcomed!


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