"What Just Happened?"

"Did you really just turn Four Chance for Glory ?!
"But.. But.. On turn two you played Hero of Precinct One & then on turn three you played Tajic, Legion's Edge...
"yup. GG bro. That was fun."

That specific curve is the core of the deck.
To get the opponent from 20 to 0 as quickly as possible. Although the above mentioned combo is the ideal one, there are many ways to get your opponent dead fast.

I included Hero of Precinct One & Hero of the Nyxborn to generate as many token as i could in these colors. If I am not getting a swift combo kill, I am going wide with tokens and winning that way.
I went the token route so that whether playing against decks that run tons of creatures AND / OR removal spells you can more often than not get some damage in each turn.
Each of the pump spells are 1-2 mana. This allows you to sneak in as much damage as statistically possible on those extra turns that decide the game.

Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice helps squeeze out a few more points of damage, enable another mentor trigger, or to just serve as a big flying butt.

Feather, the Redeemed is here to take advantage of her busted ability. A single recurred spell could could be the difference on if a chance for glory is gonna work or not.

Swiftblade Vindicator is def the sleeper in this list. Any combo of mentor triggers and pumps can line up to be some double digit swings. If left unchecked, she wins you the game.

HUGE shoutout to MontaukMonster for helping me finalize a sideboard with the original naya build!
However with the recent rotation, the sideboard will need to be redone from scratch. I have a few slots selected, but I will not post a list until it is finished.

This is my baby, I hope you like it.

PS- originally this deck would take advantage of the multiple legends by playing Mox Amber as well as featuring a more complicated combo that used both chance for glory and Response / Resurgence to burst down enemies. When WAR was released I dropped the mana curve of the deck and attempted to make it as streamlined as possible. Any feedback is welcomed.
Thanks again.


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