Zndrsplt & Okaun. A dynamic, yet odd pair. Brains and Braun, but both with a love for games of chance.

This deck is heavily casual in nature, and attempts to take advantage of their abilities without abusing stuff like Krark's Thumb. That's been done to death. Let's do something a bit different with Zndrsplt and Okaun. It also makes use of a couple particular Unstable cards to get more into a coin-flipping theme.

You see, Zndrsplt and Okaun love being the center of attention at Valor's Reach. All the glory is theirs to take, and anyone that is helping them in the background should stay there. Okaun should be seen as the major, smashy-smashy threat, while Zndrsplt gives Okaun everything he needs to get the job done.

Okaun, large as he is, can strap on a lot of equipment to maximize his damage dealing potential, while Zndrsplt stays in the back, slinging spells and retrieving said equipment so Okaun can smash his opponents into a greasy stain. He doesn't care what toys he gets to play with, they are all fun!

Strategy of the deck:

The deck itself has no specific strategy other than basically that Okaun does what Okaun does best: Smash things without a second though. As such, much of the early game is prepping the battlefield for his arrival. That would be dropping mana rocks and equipment, while getting out a few support creatures to help him in his duties. Zndrsplt is ideal as an early commander drop as you don't need to actually attack to trigger his ability, just declare your Combat phase. Draw those cards and accelerate! Remember, whenever a play wins a coinflip you draw, so this includes stuff like Mana Screw , Karplusan Minotaur , and any tokens made with Helm of the Host that copy our dynamic duo!

There's a variety of cards (instants, equipment, sorceries) that can lead to giving all kinds of evasion to Okaun( Neurok Hoversail , Whispersilk Cloak , and Prowler's Helm ), extra card draw, give Okaun boosts in power, or spells that can use a bloated Okaun to outright go for a kill.

When it comes to who wins in a match of Martial Magic at Valor's Reach, none stand the brains of Zndersplt nor the brawn of Okaun!

Things that can lead to a win:

Frenetic Efreet & Laboratory Maniac combo: So long as an opponent can't respond in some way, just activate Frenetic Efreet's ability about 1000 times, clip coins to draw cards until you have no library and profit from Laboratory Maniac's ability.

Huge-assed Okaun & Fling or Chandra's Ignition - When Okaun screams "DIE!!" that means you're going to die, no questions should be necessary

Okaun, Eye of Chaos SMASH! - This one has a few steps, listed below

Step 1: Get Okaun Step 2: Get Okaun going with some toys that give evasion Step 3: Use various means to win a lot of coin flips Step 4: SMASH!

For extra amusement, dump leftover mana into Mana Screw or Everythingamajig C and see just how large you can get Okaun. When you have a lot of mana rocks and can generate mana with coin flips, on top of drawing cards to play more artifacts to suit up Okaun, then continue dumping mana into Mana Screw ...

At one point I stopped when I reached 40 wins with a coin flip.

You can do the math on a Trample & Lifelink on that one. I went for Chandra's Ignition .


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