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Greetings fellow Planeswalkers, today I am showcasing my Mono-Black Chainer, Dementia Master EDH Deck! Chainer actually has a place in my heart because I actually read his story in the book Chainer's Torment which is a Magic the Gathering book back from Odyssey block! My association with black mainly comes from him I would say, since reading about him really got me interested in the Reanimator style of decks. With this deck, we can build up our "Dementia Space" with many powerful creatures and be able to "Dementia Summon" them with Chainer! This deck functions as both an Aristocrat and a Reanimator deck and does what it can to produce fast mana and ramp in Mono-Black. This EDH Deck is more for your fun playgroups and not so much a CEDH deck. I hope you enjoy the deck and hope you have a wonderful day!


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