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This is a WUBRG aggro deck centered around the Sliver Overlord. This deck is a combination of aggro through creatures, control, and infinite combos that allows me to have a response ready for most situations and multiple win conditions.

This library is very technical and situational which makes it a lot of fun to play but kind of hard to write about.


  • This deck is strong once it gets going. The color profile is consistently obtained and you can easily play with a 2 land opening hand.

  • Sliver Overlord allows you to respond to anything however you might want to. You can amass slivers pretty quick and stay ahead of the opponent. Come turn 5-7 (depending on how luck you get on the mana ramp) You can go from having 2 slivers on the field to 8 or 9 in just one turn. Once the engine is running, it stays running.

  • Three smacks from the Overlord (without a buff) and it's gg through commander damage.

  • Slivers are predictably unpredictable. Your opponent may expect you to search up certain slivers first chance you get, or expect a Harmonic Sliver to show up the moment their Mana Crypt comes into play. But since you can search for any sliver at any time the mind game is very strong with this tribe.


  • Price. This is an expensive deck to build the creature base for. It's going to run you $350 just to get the 5 WUBRG slivers in 2019.

Not to mention a proper manabase of 10 fetchs, 10 shocks, and 10 duals. Which will run about $3,500 these days. I'm still working on my mana base.

  • Everyone HATES slivers! The second you cast one, even a cheap and simple one, the entire table is going to be looking at you with disgust and begin silently planning your demise.

  • This deck can be a little slow to respond at first. You need 8 mana to play Sliver Overlord and search for your response. Then you'll need to be able to play that card as well. Responsiveness is hard in the early game.

  • If Sliver Overlord , Morophon, the Boundless or Sliver Queen get countered and you don't have a strong hand that can handle the game without them, then you're gonna have a bad time. This deck can easily be stifled with just one well placed counterspell and a little bad luck.

The main preventative I have for this is Cavern of Souls . Don't be scared to search for cavern with Demonic Tutor , Expedition Map , etc. It's too strong to not have on the field every chance you get.

The overlord is crucial to allowing you to respond to your opponents. I have made this library to be efficient and functional without him, but it can still stifle you pretty hard if you need him to complete your wincon.

- If I've ramped up my mana pretty quick, my first priority (more often than not) it to play Morophon, the Boundless . This allows me to play the Sliver Overlord and other legends for free and every other sliver at reduced cost.
- Another good priority card is The First Sliver . This bad boi allows me to cascade much of my deck onto the field to obtain a significant board presence very quickly. Keep in mind if I cascade into another sliver, slivers have cascade. So I get to cascade yet again. (Yes, it works like that)
- Hibernation Sliver and Gemhide Sliver are great if you're missing a color or want to ramp to get overlord out early. I've burned a Demonic Tutor on one of the two several times, and it pays off.
- Amoeboid Changeling + Sliver Overlord is great. Nothing is more satisfying than taking your opponent's commander for your own!
- Don't be scared to delay playing the overlord. You don't always need to rush him out the second you have color profile. Sometimes you wanna build a small presence or mana because the second the Sliver Overlord comes into play, you are the biggest threat in the eyes of every other player. Patience pays off.
- Ramping massive amounts of creatures with Morophon, the Boundless and The First Sliver is a strong way to win by combat.
- Lavabelly Sliver + Sliver Queen with a source of infinite mana will ping all your opponents dead.
- Heart Sliver + Sliver Queen with infinite mana will win by combat too.
- Virulent Sliver will win you the game via poison damage in whatever way you want to use it.
- I'm looking to add a x cost burn spell as an alternate condition that goes with Infinite mana. Not sure what to put here.


Battlefield Forge
Expedition Map
Fellwar Stone


Sylvan Scrying allows for more consistent land plays and searches for specific needs.

Grand Abolisher more control. Prevents counters and having other players take their turn during my turn.

Crop Rotation faster and more consistent land searching. Mostly for Cavern of Souls

Mana Crypt for obvious reasons. I wanna work fellwar stone back in but I'm not sure what to trade for it.

Shout out to my deckbuilding tutor, jmessy17 for suggesting several top tier cards. This man is an evil genius!


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