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Cedric, Prince of Tides

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ABOUT THIS DECK Niv Mizzet is the parun of the Izzet League, and his intellect (just like Cedric's) is exceeding that of standard mortals by several orders of magnitude. The aim of this deck is build a cool, low-budget and competetive EDH deck. Basically the opposite of any deck Andrew would build. It is for Cedric so he can play with us when he is back from China.

STRATEGY This is centered around its General Niv Mizzet, obviously. Ramp up so you can play him early and draw cards and dish out damage. Protect him with boots, greaves, counterspells and bounce spells. Disrupt your opponents by countering their creatures, wiping the board once in a while and destroying key lands and artifacts. I did not include so many card draw spells because in the early turns you won't need it urgently and then later you can play your Commander. Basically Niv Mizzet should not die early because of the steep costs.

HOW TO WIN Either you have enough mana so that you can string an infinite strain of instants together, dealing enough damage in the process. YOu have also the creatures that are buffed by instants for dealing tons of damage. Then I included some direct damage spells which you can copy. And last, you can go for general damage, bouncing any defending creatures.

CARD COSTS I did not check them so much...I assume everything is relatively cheap. One more expensive card is Immortal Sun.


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