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cEDH Grumgully Persist Combo

Commander / EDH* RG (Gruul)


First cEDH deck attempt. I love goblins, and am trying to make Grumgully as competetive as possible. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Birthing Pod line:

  1. Sac Grumgully to Pod, fetch Hound of Griselbrand

  2. Sac Hound to Pod, fetch Zealous Conscripts to untap Pod, Hound returns from undying

  3. Sac Hound to Pod, fetch Kiki

  4. Kiki + Zealous Conscripts = infinite hastey boys

Should I go more in a stax-direction to slow down the game and embrace the fact that getting the required pieces in Gruul is hard and requires time?


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