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Chulane, Teller of Tales is a powerful commander that relies on creature casts to win the game. His triggered ability allows all our creatures to net us a draw and land drop, which can easily be abused with cards like Shrieking Drake and Whitemane Lion . His active ability is similar to Temur Sabertooth and can shine with cards like Village Bell-Ringer to start combos. To put it simply, the goal of this deck is to play Chulane, draw the whole deck while playing all our lands with the below combos, and win with Laboratory Maniac . There are other potential win conditions, such as Walking Ballista and Winds of Rebuke . This deck is adapted from my other deck [Primer] Karametra's Bounce Houseand other Chulane competitive, non-food chain decks.

Game winning combos:

  • Two 1 cmc creatures + two lands + Cloudstone Curio + Chulane
  • Aluren + Shrieking Drake / Dream Stalker / Whitemane Lion + Chulane
  • Intruder Alarm + Mana dork with {U} + Shrieking Drake + Chulane
  • Earthcraft + Shrieking Drake + Island + Chulane
  • Any above infinite mana combos + Walking Ballista
  • Any above infinite mana combos + Finale of Devastation
  • Cloudstone Curio + Quirion Ranger + Dryad Arbor + Dork + Chulane goes infinite
  • Mirror Entity + Priest of Titania + Wirewood Symbiote
  • Any above infinite mana combos + Winds of Rebuke + Eternal Witness + Chulane

  • Combos requiring Chulane draw triggers can be substituted with Glimpse of Nature to go off


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