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Kazzul's Lucky Rune-Tail Feat CCO Brando

Commander / EDH* RW (Boros)


CCO EDH Jumpstart!!!! You heard that right! Two 50 card EDH decks, shuffled together to create one brilliant monstrosity that would otherwise be impossible within the confines of the format! I actually had both of these as 100 card decks-in-progress, but I just found myself wishing I could mash them together...and since I can do whatever I want because no one is the boss of, I did it!!! This was lot of fun to build and I encourage you to try it out yourself! Let me know what you end up with. ^_^

Pack 1 - Rune-Tail Stax. A deck built to hide behind a wall of enchantments and dudes, all while poking and prodding your opponents to actual death.

Pack 2 - Daretti Stax. (What luck!!) A deck designed to play a little more traditional stax strategies, with a face card meant to allow for recurring the miserable orbs while forcing you opponents to engage in reckless attacks that will usually not end well for them. But, who knew, there was a Kazuul in there too!!! So slap Dirty-D-Dawg in the 49 and get that massive minotaur doing work for you!!

The resulting deck is a mix of grinding agony and big, splashy plays. Both sides revolve around a few unexpected cards that really have a lot of synergy with one another to make the two sides of the deck cohesive!

Thanks for looking!!


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