This deck is my attempt to bring the landfall mechanic to a viable competitive deck in modern. Gruul ramp decks have always been a favorite of mine (my M11 Intro Deck was ), and I wanted to come back to my roots, so to speak, by creating this deck. Suggestions are greatly appreciated, however, please read my detailed description below before commenting, as it is possible I may have already shed some light on your question/suggestion here. Thanks!

Kird Ape- Unfortunately, one drops with landfall are few and far between, in fact, our deck already runs the only creature that has it in Gruul colors, so that leaves the one drop creature to be filled by something that has decent synergies with the rest of the deck. Kird Ape is a similar body to its landfall counterpart, so it earns this spot in the deck.

Scythe Leopard- The one drop with landfall in our deck is the compliment to Kird Ape, and can possibly be a 4/4 or even a 5/5 with the right spells later in the game, meaning it has surprising relevance for a one-drop past turns 3 or 4 where early game creatures can sometimes become dead cards. If this deck was adapted (with a lot more money), to be a Naya build, then Wild Nacatl would be in competition with the leopard to take this slot.

Plated Geopede- Probably the best creature in our deck, the crackhead centipede with a land addiction can hit your opponents with vengeance easily. First strike forces our opponent to make bad trades to stop the incoming damage, and if you can give it trample in the late game (see Mina and Denn, Wildborn) then the geopede can close out games quickly and efficiently. There's no real replacement for this card that I can find, it's really the crown jewel of the deck. If you disagree though and have a replacement, let me know!

Vinelasher Kudzu- Our counterpart to Plated Geopede in is this guy, and he certainly has merits in the deck. He also was the original landfall creature from what I can find, so based solely on that the vines from Ravnica deserve a place in the deck for flavor points. In all seriousness, he does provide some reach, with +1/+1 counters from his ability making him a threat in longer, grinding matchups when land drops can become less consistent and a large body is helpful.

Tireless Tracker- Originally, I was running Grove Rumbler as my other higher-cost creature, but I decided to give the Tracker a try. Similarly to Mina and Denn, Wildborn, the tracker ensures that the deck doesn't stall out from a lack of cantrips, and provides the deck with a sink for all of the mana we've ramped into. The tracker is also really good in matchups where the game goes long and it becomes less of a race and more of a battle to out-value our opponent.

Mina and Denn, Wildborn- Their handy ability to return lands to our hand in exchange for trample not only guarantees more landfall triggers but also helps get the last bit of damage through on our opponent on the ground when we don't have any direct damage at our disposal. They provide the much-needed gas that our deck needs towards the end of the game, which is key in a deck with, again, no cantrips. Similarly to Tireless Tracker, this card grinds out value and pseudo card advantage in the mid-to-late game.

Noncreature Spells:

Atarka's Command- A utility card that gives our deck a little bit to pivot on if we're lacking in the lands department, this card can do direct damage (which gives us a bit of reach in the late game) and pump our creatures. While you can use it to put some lands into play, I recommend that unless you have several at your disposal, holding on to your lands is better than exhausting your resources too quickly.

Searing Blaze- Removal that is on theme and is very cost effective, it's important to keep in mind the fact that you need two sources on board to cast it, so manipulate your mana wisely. It also has some flavour value, which means as a 3 of alongside Lightning Bolt makes for a good bit of burn in the deck.

Lightning Bolt- Enough said.

Cultivate- This card may seem rather underwhelming at first, but it's actually more valuable than you might think. Getting lands into our hand is as important, if not more important, than getting triggers on the battlefield. Cultivate provides both. While I like Cultivate a lot, this is still the biggest flex spot in my deck, and I if you have any suggestions, this is the spot that I would like to focus on the most.

Harrow- In my opinion, one of the best ramp spells ever created by Wizards. Getting 2 lands untapped on the battlefield results in 3 anthem triggers across our side of the board, and the untapped mana links together nicely with one of our 2 drop noncreature spells; Atarka's Command or Searing Blaze.

Nissa, Vital Force- Although just a one-of, Nissa is a very strong card in this deck to round out the curve. Her abilities are super flexible, which means she is almost never a dead card and will affect the board state immediately, whether that be making a 5/5 or getting back a fetch land from our graveyard.


Raging Ravine- I found with testing that in the late game I had a lot of mana from all of my ramp spells and nothing to do with it, so I added one of these in as a target for that extra mana that can add extra pressure when needed.

Field of Ruin- Basically another fetch land with a drawback, however it does mean we have a mainboard answer for Tron, which is nice because Tron normally relies on winning game 1 every time. In addition, the cost to activate the ability means that I have a sink for mana in the late game if we're not drawing actions. This can also be an answer for pesky lands like Mystic Sanctuary in blue matchups.

The strategy in the first game is pretty straightforward. In a good starting hand, you want to look for 2-3 creatures, 3 lands, and 1-2 noncreature spells. THE KEY THING HERE IS LANDS! A hand with 2 creatures and 5 lands is not a bad hand, and I would certainly be willing to keep it in certain situations. You want to hold your noncreature spells until turns 3-4, when you will have 2-3 creatures on the board. By doing this, you're maximizing the damage each land drop your combat tricks will give you and will finish the game faster. While our strategy is pretty robust, there are definitely matchups where we can look to improve.

Before this most recent update to the description of the deck, I gave specific instruction on how to sideboard in particular matchups. However, with a modern format that includes such a diverse array of strategies, I don't see the point in being super specific in this section, because everyone's local metagame is different. In my sideboard, I try to have answers to decks that are mainstays in the format, like burn or tron, but other than that my sideboard can vary to match the current meta. If you have no idea how to sideboard for a format like modern, you can use mine as an example. However, if you do, realize that it is not optimized for EVERYTHING.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated and I promise to get back to you on all your thoughts! If you like the deck I would really appreciate the +1, and if you have a similar deck I would love to look at it. While I have other decks on this site, this particular build has been my pride and joy for about two years now and it is definitely my favorite deck to play and tinker with.


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