Seeing what King of the Pride does for cat tribal. The plan is simple: cast some kitties, smash some face.

Been testing this a bit, and it actually seems kinda legit... Veil of Summer really does a lot for it.

I was doubting Ajani Vengeant at first, but since I cut the Chord of Calling and brought him into the main deck I've been pretty happy. The up tick is adds a nice bit of interaction that the deck otherwise lacks, and even just casting him as a 4 CMC Lightning Helix can be very useful.

Had to add a couple Kor Firewalker to the side for the burn match-up, but they feel too off flavor to me... might try Ajani Steadfast or Ajani, the Greathearted instead, but I'm fairly certain they're waaaay to slow

Trying out a version with Once Upon a Time at Once Upon a Cat.


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Tried my first mtgo league with the deck and went 3-2. Matches were:

  • 2-1 vs UW SFM - got mana screwed game 2, but otherwise was pretty easy to overrun them

  • 0-2 vs Affinity - I got wrecked! Having no way to deal with flyers besides Path to Exile here was rough, and Qasali Pridemage is a bit too slow. Might be worth running Birds of Nobles for chumping in the air

  • 2-0 vs Instant Reanimator - without Looting they were just way too slow for the kitties

  • 2-1 vs Bant snow SFM - Flooded endlessly game 2. Their Ice-Fang Coatl slowed me down a bit, but Fleecemane Lion really shown there as I was able to get it monstrous later in the rounds

  • 0-2 vs burn - Kinda overlooked burn when making the sb... Lava Dart and Gut Shot both killing the lord is pretty rough, but I think with some life gain this deck could easily make it to late game and overrun them

Post-league SB changes:


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