It's been a long time since I last played standard but I got brought back when my favourite archetype, Enchantress, came back.

Despite actually being called Enchantress, Sram, Senior Edificer isn't exactly the star of this deck; it's actually a duo of beautiful two-drops: Adanto Vanguard and Adorned Pouncer with their certain abilities.

The Cartouches in the deck already speak for themselves by giving your creatures +1/+1 which is what we'll be using to slap our opponents face with. But let's discuss why we're in these colours for these cartouches.

Cartouche of Knowledge is basically an aura cantrip which gives our creature +1/+1 and flying then draw a card. All our creatures benefit from the flying, yes, but wouldn't having a flying Sram, Senior Edificer make him more than just a draw trigger?

Cartouche of Solidarity gives our creatures +1/+1 and First Strike plus a bonus 1/1 Vigilance Warrior Token. Again all creatures benefit from the First Strike in the case of combat. The token also allows us to have many extras such as an additional point of damage , blocker, or just a body in itself in case we get Fatal Pushed.

Not a cartouche but Curious Obsession is arguably a better blue Sixth Sense with +1/+1 and the drawback that we have to attack each turn lest we sacrifice the aura... but we'll be attacking every turn anyway sooo. That's right. VALUE.

One With the Wind is essentially another Cartouche of Knowledge minus the card draw trigger for another point in power and toughness.

There's also a one-of creature here, Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun. He's here in the case where we have to Embalm our Sacred Cat or Eternalize our Adorned Pouncer since we can make them bigger with a +1/+1 and unblockable.


Dive Down is essentially our protection as we make our creatures hexproof and with an extra +3 to toughness. Makes those pesky Fatal Push fizzle. Siren Stormtamer is essentially the same but this pirate flies and swings so we can drop a few cartouches on her if we have card advantage.


Okaaay this a no brainer. Standard doesn't exactly have crazy lands anymore so we have Glacial Fortress for our fixing. Irrigated Farmland is essentially our turn 3/4 land drop otherwise we just cycle this if we get this as a topdeck.HOWEVER!We have Shefet Dunes as a two-of in case we can flood the board with creatures and just weenie ourselves for a win.

I hope y'all enjoyed viewing the deck and reading my description. Sure it's not that powerful but it can stand up on it's own against the top tier decks of today's standard.

Budget options?? Hell yeah. Remove Glacial Fortress and Irrigated Farmland for more basics and, boom!, $20 something deck.


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