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So let's introduce the gang and explain why they are here!


- Azorius Charm this is one great and flexible card! Throw back a creature, draw a card, add life link! All around amazing.
- Dissipate and Syncopate these two help me exile whatever spell my opponent is trying to play. WARNING! Angry faces my occur. XD
- Sphinx's Revelation life gain and card draw... ether on there turn or mine.
- Bonfire of the Damned, Supreme Verdict & Terminus are here for board wipe of course. If I can miracle any of them even better!
- Entreat the Angels is a great card! Mainly looking to miracle this one. ANGELS EVERYWHERE!
- Detention Sphere Removing 2 or more pesky items from the field.
- Jace, Architect of Thought He is only here for his -2 to help me dig a little deeper.
- Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Using her +1 tapping creatures... tapping needed mana all until I can get her ultimate off!
- Snapcaster Mage I use him of course as a chump blocker or as a way to flashback some nasty counters. Sometimes both in one turn!
- Thundermaw Hellkite Scary card! Aggro on turn 5 when they have no creatures to block with is amazing!
- Geist of Saint Traft Hexproof with an angel?! I'll take 3!
- Angel of Serenity Crazy game changer! Take away 3 creatures?! Yes please! Great way to break peoples spirits!

- Bonfire of the Damned & Searing Spear burn burn burn!
- Cyclonic Rift Stall out on one creature or overload it on all their creatures!
- Niv-Mizzet, Dracogenius is here for his mana ability. It can really help with card draw or getting wienies off the board.
- Blind Obedience for all those aggro decks out there..
- Rest in Peace Used mainly against re-animator style decks.
- Nevermore for when they have cards I REALLY don't want to see.


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Added in some Blind Obedience into the sideboard. Let's see if those aggro decks like me meow!


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