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Canadian Highlander - Cradlehoof

Highlander* BRG (Jund) Combo Elves


Updated Craterhoof list after the pandemic. Points:

3 - Natural Order 4 - Mana Crypt 1 - Summoner's Pact 1 - Crop Rotation

Could play Mana Vault if you want, I'm not super hot on it.

Haven't played these but I'm sure they're good:

Timeless Witness - 4 Drop that is finally good.

Circle of Dreams Druid - Obviously amazing.

Llanowar Tribe - 3/3 is a huge body. A lot better than the previous iterations that have been played of this effect.

I kept Depths/Stage in for now, but it's possibly cuttable nowadays. The removal is getting a lot better than in the past.


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This deck is Highlander legal.

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