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Calm Among the Storm (Zedruu Chaos Control)

Commander / EDH* Casual Control RUW (Jeskai, America)



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"Sometimes a little chaos is in order." - Scrambleverse

Zedruu the Greathearted is an unique commander that offers a Donate effect in the command zone and rewards you for giving away your permanents. This specific iteration Zedruu combines chaotic cards such as Scrambleverse and Mind's Dilation with control/pillow fort effects like Oblivion Ring and Propaganda.

Your primary focus in the early game should be to set up donations and mana acceleration. Pentad Prism and Sphere of the Suns can both be used for mana, then donated once they're depleted for even more use. Mid-game allows for you to donate devastating cards like Grid Monitor and Illusions of Grandeur that can easily threaten other players. The mid-game is also a good point for your pillow fort effects like Ghostly Prison. By the late game, the extra card draw should have payed off, allowing game-ending spells like Insurrection and Approach of the Second Sun to let you win. The late game can let you play massively disruptive and chaotic spells such as Scrambleverse and Possibility Storm too.
The deck contains three conditions, Felidar Sovereign, Insurrection, and Approach of the Second Sun. Felidar Sovereign and Approach of the Second Sun both take advantage of the lifegain and card draw Zedruu provides. Insurrection can take advantage of your opponent's game winning boards and turn them against them making it the most effective way to win in the deck.
  1. You can donate before the upkeep trigger by responding to it, so you can draw an extra card and gain an extra life before Zedruu has her first trigger.

  2. Scrambleverse and Order of Succession can cause problems if you lose Zedruu. Use Role Reversal-like exchange effects or Brand to get her back.

  3. Tokens are considered owned by whoever's control they enter play under. Akroan Horse soldiers that come under play under your opponent's control don't benefit you, but ones you donate that entered your side of the board count towards the donation count.

Paradox Haze makes what you're already doing better and can be donated itself. Island Sanctuary allows for more control over the game. Donate is just a blue Harmless Offering, useful and a classic. Throes of Chaos allows you to pitch those extra lands you'll draw for something a bit more useful.


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