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Calling in Favour - Budget Kambal

Commander / EDH Budget Lifegain WB (Orzhov)



Budget Kambal deck.

The original intention was to put together a deck for less that £40 using the cheapest printing of each card found at a single store and assuming basic lands are free.

This idea has slightly shifted in an attempt to make monitoring the price a little easier given the volatility of card prices. This means the budget for the deck has slightly altered to $50 so I can track the deck cost using the lowest found prices listed on Scryfall. Updates to the deck will be tracked in the update section below to see how the deck changes over time.


Updates Add

Before any of the current changes the price of the deck stands at $51.61 using the cheapest printings available from Scryfall. My intention is to keep this deck below a $50 threshold using those prices and so some changes are needed to bring the deck back in line.

Syphon Mind is going to make way for Foreboding Fruit. Currently I'm playing mostly 3 player games and so the same number of cards will be drawn with the added bonus of a little life gain synergy if I am able to spare 3 black mana on a turn.

Star Compass also makes way for Charcoal Diamond. With its printing in Commander Legends the diamond has really dropped in price and I can happily switch out the more expensive 2CMC rock. I do lose a source of white mana, but the balance of the deck is slightly weighted towards black anyway so it shouldn't make a major difference.

I have also dropped Defiant Bloodlord in favour of Marauding Blight-Priest. The Bloodlord is 7 CMC and whilst I lose a 4/5 flying body I keep the drain effect on a creature that dodges the two wrath effects in the deck.

With these three changes the price of the deck becomes $49.39.


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