My first Precon upgrade..

I’m keeping as many of the cards as possible from the Commander 2015 Precon “Call the Spirits”.. As such, I’m prioritizing (C15) & other Commander printings for this particular deck, followed by reinforcing the explicit Theros-theme..

Official printing hierarchy:

(C15) > (CMD) > other Commander sets > Theros block (THS/BNG/JOU) > everything else..

Step-1: Play lands & mana rocks..

Step-2: Play (& protect) Daxos the Returned ..

Step-3: Acquire tons of Experience counters and Constellation triggers by building a fluffy pillowfort..

Step-4: Flood the board with giant Thicc Boi tokens, that also cause more Constellation triggers..

Step-5: Profit..

I’m also working on optimizing the overall maindeck before investing into a Teferi's Protection , and expensive Reserve List cards (namely Replenish , Academy Rector , Serra's Sanctum , Scrubland )..


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