My first Streets of New Capenna deck, built with the support and guidance of my best friend, Wuffenheimer!

This one I sided with the Cabaretti 'cause the idea of spawning and stacking countless tokens to overwhelm the opponent sounds rather insane! Plus I love the mana combo, focusing on support, damage, and power respectively! Combine that with the prospect of a Leonin being a mafia boss and entire plane shared with lots of other Cat creatures, I had to have at it! X3

Right off the bat, me and my best friend figured that spawning Citizen and Treasure tokens would work best here with a hint of the mechanic known as Alliance. Of course Jetmir, Nexus of Revels is a must for something like creature or creature token support, especially if there are 3, 6, or 9+ of them on the battlefield! Darling of the Masses is a fitting support if I have a sizeable amount of Citizen tokens out there and/or need to spawn anymore upon attacking! Other good token spawning cards for myself here include Citizen's Crowbar which attaches itself to a freshly-made Citizen token anyway, Cabaretti Charm to instantly spawn two more (unless I wanna be crafty for surprise buffs), Halo Fountain for an untap-and-spawn combo (along with two other broken options, lmao), and - my personal favourite now - Rabble Rousing which can Exile a potentially powerful card thanks to the mechanic Hideaway and spawn Citizen tokens equal to how many creatures I attack with and let me cast that same card from Exile without paying anything! :D And if I had Witty Roastmaster out at the time, hoo boy! 83c Combine all of that with a late-game strat like Vivien on the Hunt, and I'm looking at a potential powerhouse here if not an overwhelming faction!

Having said all of this, I'm still up for any feedback as I'm nowhere near being the best (not that I'm looking to be pro or anything), and I'm always willing to learn! I'm wondering if I should cut down on the red Basic Lands or perhaps cut down on the Sorceries/Instants that get rid of Artifacts and Enchantments. For that matter, how many potential token-spawning combos am I missing?


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