FNM record as of 6/14/19 is 10-0-2 with wins over Jeskai Control, Cheeri0s, Bant Eldrazi, GW Value Town, Grixis Control, Sun & Moon, Eldrazi Tron, Scepter Chant, and Ponza

Fun list with a lot of interactions and synergies. Suggestions appreciated, for the sideboard in particular

Plague Blecher is really good with Aether Vial. Being able to save your recursive creatures from path at instant speed is nice. Can Vial it in to make your opponent's desperation boardwipe really hurt. You can Vial it in with Sculler's trigger on the stack to permanently exile a card, or Vial it in on your opponent's draw step to kill your own Relentless Dead and return a dead Sculler to the battlefield. He can kill Messenger for triggers, but he -1/-1 counters also reset Undying.
Targeting Gravecrawler/Relentless Dead with the ETB for some value is also perfectly fine.

(Introduction of Carrion Feeder and Undead Augur to the format make this paragraph irrelevant) Altar's Reap and Blasting Station have really overperformed. Blasting Station + Gravecrawler is what you're looking for (B=1 damage) with either Wayward Servant, Plague Belcher, or Diregraf Colossus in play, you can add another point of damage/life loss. (With Colossus, you need to Untap Station with Colossus' cast trigger and sacrifice the token before crawler resolves. Then you may untap again when Crawler ETBs.

This deck excels in attrition. Anything that wins by playing to the board and isn't blisteringly fast is going to be a good matchup. (Value decks/most Midrange decks, Creature decks, control is decent, etc). In a room full of combo and big mana you're going to have a really bad time, so the sideboard is stacked to help there.


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