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Burst Open and Mix!! [Simic Burster]

Pauper Aggro BUG (Sultai) GU (Simic)



With Pauper getting a big boost from WotC, I've been thinking about a card I always found so unique and interesting.

Diligent Farmhand -- He searches for land, and strangely enough counts as Muscle Burst while in the grave. It's such an interesting effect, and the Burst-style cards are great fun design-wise.

Looking for input about the deck, I'm trying to work something out that uses Muscle Burst as a win con, some surveil to stack the grave if needed. As for the creatures, I've gone with Uktabi Drake for the haste and Vault Skirge for the lifelink in terms of creatures you really want to cast Muscle Burst on, but am I better off trying to get something like Slippery Bogle or Silhana Ledgewalker in there?

Unsure as to what might be the best strategy to use in this respect, so any seasoned pauper advice would be great!


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