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Burn down the world (Budget Jhoira storm)

Commander / EDH Artifact Budget Storm UR (Izzet)



Noob tries to make a decently powerful budget storm-y deck. Goal is under $60. Game plan is to get Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain on the board, spam a bunch of cheap artifacts and win by storming Grapeshot/Temporal Fissure, or playing bunch of artifacts with Kessig Flamebreather, Reckless Fireweaver, or Psychosis Crawler on the board. Antmakers can be used to create blockers while setting up the win.

The maybeboard is for cards that are interesting, but are too expensive for my budget or I don't know what I'd swap out for them.

Combo (there's only one that I know of)

Requires Scrap Trawler + Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer on the field, along with enough artifacts to cast Metalwork Colossus for free/1 mana depending on what you're looping. Also needs two artifacts with different CMC that can be cast for free (cost reducers, convoke/antmaker, etc), referred to as LOWER and HIGHER. Metalwork Colossus should be in your grave. Cast LOWER and HIGHER. Use Metalwork Colossus's ability sacrificing both LOWER and HIGHER to bounce it back to your hand; this will trigger Scrap Trawler and you may return LOWER to your hand. Play LOWER and Metalwork Colossus. Sacrifice Metalwork Colossus to Slobad and use Scrap Trawler to bounce HIGHER to your hand. Play HIGHER and you are back where you started. This loop nets you infinite storm, infinite ETBs, infinite LTBs and infinite taps of both artifacts. It can easily be used to draw your deck or create infinite mana. (E.g. Sol Ring + Spare Supplies creates infinite colourless and draws your deck)


Updates Add

Added Teferi's Ageless Insight as per Grind's suggestion. Took out Blinkmoth Urn and Golem Foundry for being too slow to do anything; they are mostly impactful the turn after you've won, which is not very helpful. Also took out Renegade Map, Manakin, Millikin for again being very slow and added in some faster mana rocks. Added Slobad, Goblin Tinkerer for a sac outlet that can also protect the cost reducers. Added Reshape to get a cost reducer if we get stuck. Removed Herald of Kozilek because it never felt good to cast; the red/blue cost and it not being an artifact always made it awkward. Put in Aether Spellbomb as a very powerful 1-cost utility artifact. Removed Mind's Desire because 7 mana is just too much for something that doesn't directly win the game. Fast 'mana' added: Arcane Signet, Commander's Sphere (this would be a Fellwar Stone but I pulled a sphere in a pack), card:Prized State (Makes two treasures if Slobad is on the field, one otherwise), Noble's Purse (Slower, but makes up for it by making treasures instead of mana for one explosive turn).


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