"I have heard terrible tales of black rains, ashen fields, and metal that screams. I have consoled myself that the tales were a myth of some fevered mind. But today I saw Razaketh and now I fear the truth." —Kasib Ibn Naji, Letters

Welcome To the Buried Alive Sidisi Primer

Hi everyone! I'm MarstheSoos, but everyone knows me as Soos. I'm quite active on Discord, and you can find me there, mostly on PlayEdh, but I frequently stop by r/CompetitiveEdh. Feel free to ask me any questions there, or just ping me to chat.

I've been playing Mtg for a little over a year now, and fell in love with edh soon after. I started off with some pretty casual decks but quickly moved onto more competitive decks 9 months ago. I started off with Yidris but quickly moved to the stronger Thrasios/Smasher deck. I played ANF for around 100 games and then started brewing Rashmi control with the Rashmi server. I started tinkering with the idea of Buried Alive Sidisi if Ad Nauseam ever got banned, but I soon realized it was a potent deck with Ad Naus still around.

So, you want to play a fast and efficent reanimator deck? Well you came to the right place. Buried Alive Sidisi is fast, potent, and can beat most stax effects. Most of our main combos will be completed with Razaketh, the Foulblooded , but we have a strong Ad Nauseam back-up plan.

You Will Like the Deck If:

  • You enjoy racing your opponents
  • You don't want to play partners
  • You like graveyard based decks
  • You have accepted Razaketh

You Won't Like the Deck If:

  • You like lots of interaction
  • You want to grind out opponents
  • You want to use the combat step
  • You dislike fast combo


Our deck commonly wants to put together Razaketh, the Foulblooded and enough creatures to tutor our way to victory. Razaketh demands sacrifices, and we must appease him. The easiest way to do that is one of our Buried Alive piles, seeing as some require 0 board presence and need minimal mana post raza reanimation. We utilize our graveyard as a better hand in most cases, but remember to play around gy hate to the best of your abilities. We can beat it but no need to play into it if we can avoid it.

We typically end the game with a storm finisher like Aetherflux Reservoir or a lethal Exsanguinate . Our deck has multiple combos in it that are very potent, but our main lines consist of Razaketh tutor chains that end with lots of mana, high storm count and tutors galore. The multiple lines below explain how to win in ordered detail.

Starting the Combo

All of our Buried Alive wins start off with your casting of Buried Alive to bin Phyrexian Delver , Reassembling Skeleton and Razaketh, the Foulblooded . After you have these 3 in the bin you cast a reanimation spell to bring Phyrexian Delver back which in turn reanimates Razaketh, the Foulblooded . The following write-ups start from there.

Zero Mana Win

  • 1. Cast your reanimation spell on Phyrexian Delver and have it return Razaketh, the Foulblooded to play (2 Storm, counting buried alive as 1, -8 life)
  • 2. Sacrifice Delver to tutor up and cast a Lion's Eye Diamond (3 Storm, -10 life)
  • 3. Crack LED and return Reassembling Skeleton to play, and sacrifice it for a Dark Ritual (3 Storm, floating, -12 life)
  • 4. Cast your Ritual then return the Skeleton to sacrifice it immediately for a Memnite . (4 Storm, floating, -14 life)
  • 5. Cast your current 0 drop and sacrifice it for another. Repeat that until you are out of 0 drops and are on your last tutor, and grab Songs of the Damned , then use your last mana to cast it. (9 Storm, 6 floating, -22 life)
  • 6. Use 2 mana to return the Skeleton to the battlefield and sacrifice it for a Yawgmoth's Will . Cast YawgWin. (10 Storm, floating, -24 life)
  • 7. Cast LED and sac it. (Storm 11, 4 floating). Cast Songs of the Damned (12 Storm, 9 floating, -24 life)
  • 8. Return the skeleton to tutor and cast Aetherflux Reservoir . (13 Storm, 3 floating, -26 life)
  • 9. Cast all of your zero drops (+14, +15, +16, +17) (17 Storm, 3, +32 life)
  • 10. Cast Dark Ritual (+18, + 2) (18 Storm, 5, +50 life)
  • 11. Sac all of your 0 drops (-8) for Cabal Ritual , Entomb , Vampiric Tutor and Rain of Filth . (18 Storm, 5, +42 life)
  • 12. Cast Cabal Ritual , and respond to the Aetherflux Reservoir trigger by casting another instant. Then do this with all of the instant you just tutored. (-5, +86) (22 Storm, 3, 130 life)
  • 13. Cast literally any spell in your graveyard to gain the last bit of life to kill the table with Aetherflux Reservoir

Costs 26 life to start comboing, no mana needed

Sacrifice Line

  • 1. Cast your reanimation spell on Phyrexian Delver and have it return Razaketh, the Foulblooded to play (2 Storm, counting buried alive as 1, -8 life)
  • 2. Sacrifice Delver to tutor up and cast a Lion's Eye Diamond (3 Storm, -10 life)
  • 3. Crack LED and return Reassembling Skeleton to play, and sacrifice it for a Dark Ritual (3 Storm, floating, -12 life)
  • 4. Cast your Ritual then return the Skeleton to sacrifice it immediately for a Memnite . (4 Storm, floating, -14 life)
  • 5. Cast your current 0 drop and sacrifice it for another. Repeat that until you are out of 0 drops and are on your last tutor, and grab Songs of the Damned , then use your last mana to cast it. (9 Storm, 6 floating, -22 life)

  • 6. Reanimate and sacrifice Skeleton to tutor up a Yawgmoth's Will (9 Storm, 4, -24 life)

  • 7. Reanimate and sacrifice Skeleton to tutor up a Sacrifice , then cast it sacrificing Razaketh.(10 Storm, 9, -26 life)
  • 8. Cast Yawgmoth's Will and the original reanimation spell to bring Razaketh back. (12 Storm, 4, -26 life)

  • 9. Use your mana floating, your rituals, and your mass amount of tutors to storm off
  • Costs 26 life to start comboing, no mana needed

    The Blood Ritual

  • 1. Cast Buried Alive for Razaketh, Skeleton and Bloodghast .
  • 2. Reanimate Razaketh and play your land for turn
  • 3. Sacrifice Bloodghast for LED, and cast + crack it (3 Storm, 3, -2 life)
  • 4. Spend to bring Skeleton back, and sacrifice him for a Dark Ritual. Cast it.(4 Storm, 3, -4 life)
  • 5. Return the Skeleton again (- ) and chain all your 0 drops together. With the last tutor grab Songs of the Damned . (8 Storm, , -12 life)
  • 6. Cast Songs (+6), and return + sac Skeleton to get YawgWin. (9 Storm, 4, -14 life)
  • 7. Cast YawgWin and storm your opponents out.
  • Costs 16 life and a land drop

    Starting Us Off

    All of the following scenarios assume you have a Razaketh, the Foulblooded in the yard and some number of creatures in play.

    Their Sacrifice

    • 1. Reanimate Razaketh with 2 creatures in play. (1 Storm)
    • 2. Sacrifice the first dude for LED and cast it(2 Storm, -2 life)
    • 3. Sacrifice the other creature for Skeleton and crack LED to ditch skeleton.(2 Storm, 3, -4 life)
    • 4. Reanimate the Skeleton (-2) and sac it to tutor up a 0 mana dude. Cast and sacrifice it for all the other 0 drops in your deck. With the last tutor we grab Songs of the Damned and cast it. (6 Storm, 6, -12 life)
    • 5. Reanimate and sac the Skeleton for Yawgmoth's Will . (6 Storm, 4, -14 life)
    • 6. Cast YawgWin and storm off

    Costs 16 life and requires 2 creatures in play

    Razaketh, the Engine

    So, this is the line that assembles Paradox Engine , mana rocks and our payoff Exsanguinate . With Razaketh, the Foulblooded and Engine we can make lots of mana by tutoring a bunch of cheap rituals, 0 mana creatures and Yawgmoth's Will to keep chaining spells into a lethal Exsanguinate

    Ad Nauseam Storm

    Due to our high density of fast mana, low curve, and having access to the color black we get to play, no not play, but abuse Ad Nauseam . With Ad Naus we can put a good chunk of our deck into our hands and from there we can combo off however we choose.

    Corpse Dance Shenanigans

    So, let's assume we have a Paradox Engine and 6 mana in rocks (2 black rocks needed). We can cast our commander (Paradox Engine trigger) and sacrifice her to tutor (let her go to the gy). We then search our library for Corpse Dance . We then tap all of our rocks (4,:b:,:b: floating) and use 5 mana to cast Corpse Dance (with buyback) on our commander. This firstly triggers paradox engine, untapping all of our mana rocks to net us :b:. We then sacrifice sidisi to her exploit ability to find a card. We can either grab more mana rocks or just random cards, it doesn't matter. We now can use Corpse Dance with our board state to make enough mana for a lethal Exsanguinate or enough storm to kill everyone with Aetherflux Reservoir .

    Artifact Combos

    Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth

    As an easier Razaketh line we picked up Basalt Monolith and Rings of Brighthearth . Not great, but it's being tested to some success.

    Paradox Engine + Voltaic Key + Sensei's Divining Top

    With these artifacts in play (assuming we have decent mana rocks) we can draw our whole deck while executing the following process: Tap Sensei's Divining Top to draw a card, holding priority you tap Voltaic Key to untap Sensei's Divining Top to tap it again to draw a card. You then draw a card and put top on top of your deck. Then you draw top since you tapped to draw twice. Then we cast top, which triggers our Paradox Engine and that untaps all of our mana rocks and voltaic key allowing us to do this as much as we'd like.

    This matchup in particular will be one of the harder ones. Beating a resolved Rest in Peace or Root Maze might seem impossible, but that's far from true. This is how I go about beating certain effects:

    Etb Tapped Effects

    These cards alone do not interact with our combo at all. We use 0 tap abilities during the combo. However, on the turns leading up to the win these effects can be quite frustrating for us. Your mana rocks will enter tapped (or god forbid Sigi has a turn one root maze our whole land suite will be entering tapped). We usually just have to slowly build up mana to win or utilize Paradox Engine to untap all of our artifacts.

    Graveyard Hate

    When someone drops a Rest in Peace and assumes they have beat you, they are wrong. We have a stellar back-up plan that doesn't need the gy at all. Typically, we then start tutoring for an Ad Nauseam to begin storming off.

    Rule of Law

    Something will beat us eventually. Non Eidolon of Rhetoric rule of laws will bring us to a halt. Typically we will try to slowly assemble Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + Exsanguinate to kill the table. However! I have beat a few Rule of Law s without even needing to combo at all. Turns out an 8/8 flier with multiple stax effects in play is quite strong....

    Limited Untaps

    Cards like Winter Orb and Static Orb are cards that only slow us down. They don't interfere with the combo turn at all, more so annoying effects than backbreaking ones.


    Cards like Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Sphere of Resistance slow us down and make razaketh lines more difficult. In order to beat these our best cards include Jet Medallion or Paradox Engine and a mass amount of rocks.


    This card is hard to beat, plain and simple. No decks really have an easy time comboing under one of these bad boys. The easiest ways to beat 3ball include Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth + Exsanguinate or Paradox Engine and lots of rocks.

    Cursed Totem Effects

    These shut off Razaketh lines completely, so we tend to look towards Ad Nauseam here. However, if it's a Linvala we can remove her and proceed to combo off with Razaketh.

    Null Rod and Stony Silence

    These cards shut off our mana rocks and Aetherflux Reservoir which doesn't hurt the Razaketh chain but is a pretty big blow to the finisher. However, we can chain together all of our rituals and can deal 32 damage to each player (Add more for each land you have after 3) with a large exsanguinate. This is our one concession to ANF.

    Tutor Hate

    Cards like Aven Mindcensor or Stranglehold admittedly are hard to defeat with Razaketh. We usually need to lean towards finding a removal spell for the bird or an Ad Nauseam to win. Finding these cards is harder, but you can't really get around that. Heart of the cards I guess...

    Combo decks with blue can be harder matchups, but we aren't favorites to lose. They can apply pressure with their fast win, but they also are packing disruption suites that decks like ours lack. When playing against them I usually go about it like this:

    I have Buried Alive , a reanimation spell in hand, and plenty of life to combo. However, Jeleva didn't play anything last turn and went pretty deep into the tank on their main phase. This could mean they are packing some small disruption that slows them down but stops us from winning. In this scenario I might take a turn off and cast Sidisi, Undead Vizier to tutor up something like Hope of Ghirapur or Defense Grid . Now this doesn't mean it's always correct to go slow and tutor protection at every step. If you think you can afford it by all means do so, but if it makes you multiple turns slower or puts you at great risk to lose just jam the combo. We can recover from a counterspell, but not from a loss.

    Against a pod that has no blue and is all fast combo we are a heavy favorite. Due to our high density of fast mana, cheap and efficient combos and the fact that we have multiple game winning spells alongside an excellent suite of tutors we should have no trouble racing.

    There are some troublesome cards in non-blue decks though, so I wouldn't just jam your combos. If you notice an opponent playing strangely or slower than there deck is known for it might be them playing defensively against us. There is only so much we can do about this but checking with discard is always the safer option.

    When sitting across from Rashmi control you might be concerned that all your win cons will just get countered into oblivion. There are two ways to play against control in my opinion, and they both have their pros and cons.

    Chimp Speed

    If we have that turn 2 win and Rashmi tapped out you best believe I'm gonna make her have that force of will. This style of play is supposed to catch greedier control players who tap out of interaction to cast some sort of sorcery speed ramp. This is usually a very risky line and I can't recommend it very often. It'll get the job done every now and again though.

    Playing It Safe

    In this instance we might slow our turn 3 combo into a turn 4 combo but we will have some form of protection like a Defense Grid or Hope of Ghirapur to shut off some players countermagic. Discard spells can also help attack the resources of the control player trying to shut us down. Fire these off before you win if your mana permits it.

    Our commander, Sidisi, Undead Vizier is a diabolic intent in the command zone. Granted, she costs 5 mana but she is always available to us, and that is a strong asset to have.

    • Grim Tutor - Was originally cut for Infernal Tutor which did great. I recently cut Infernal for another discard effect. This might be too greedy, testing will tell.
    • Walking Ballista - a fine win condition, not sure it's needed here. It would be fine to slot in if you'd like.

    What If...?

    • I draw Razaketh? - The best solution to this is casting an Exhume holding priority to crack an on board Lion's Eye Diamond to reanimate Raza. We also can use some of our discard spells to dump Razaketh or just go for an Ad Nauseam win.
    • I lose Reassembling Skeleton? - If we lose Skeleton all of our Razaketh lines just got a lot harder, and rightfully so, he was a good combo card. In order to win with Razaketh now you'd have to have a few creatures on board in addition to the Phyrexian Delver + Razaketh buried alive pile.
    • I lose Songs of the Damned? - Songs is the best ritual in our deck, losing it hurts us but doesn't actually interrupt Razaketh lines that much. Our main way out of it is to just use Sacrifice as our payoff ritual. We would need two mana going into this line, but it's still quite doable.
    • Razaketh pieces are disrupted? - If we do lose skeleton or songs our creature combo lines are worse, but still doable. Just don't be afraid to go for an Ad Nauseam win.


    My personal records, this includes games and goldfishing. Games

    Cards Being Tested

    As of recent we got some new toys, so I'd like to try them out. Final Parting and Mausoleum Secrets both seem like strong new options for mono black. I might try and incorporate more creatures, we'll see. Testing new things on trice ranked pods.

    Watch List

    As of right now, the biggest card on my watch list is Chains of Mephistopheles . I wouldn't recommend buying this card if you are going to pick up the deck. I'm currently testing things in it's place.


    I'd like to thank Leptys for his insight, Shaper for suggestions/primer talk, Reversemermaid for his memes, Sug for getting me to try Buried Alive Sidisi, Lilbrudder for being amazing, and the sanctum for keeping my winrate in check.

    Razaketh on Discord

    If you are interested in Razaketh and my list isn't your thing, feel free to check out discord and look at all the lists, primers and get in on some new spice!

    If You Play!

    If you decide to pick up this deck, feel free to ask any and all questions! And remember,



    Updates Add

    Hi everyone! I just added 2 sections describing the loops possible with Corpse Dance and a watch list.

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