RIP Engine

this is a PST deck that utilizes Paradox Engine, Ad Nauseam and the new Bolas's Citadel. Silas is here to be a target for Transmute artifact, to easily get Citadel or Engine in play. He can also recur some utility artifacts as well as combo pieces if they end up in the graveyard.

Win conditions are Dramatic scepter, Engine + scepter and Grim + PA for inf mana. From there you can draw your deck with Thrasios, make infinite swans with copy artifact and dramatic scepter or with Scepter and Engine. With infinite nonland untaps you can sacrifice the swans and kill all players with Bolas's Citadel activations. You can also loop any card in the deck with any 2 of Timetwister/Noxious Revival/Regrowth if you have infinite colored mana assembled.

Your most likely path to get to one of these wincons is by:

Resolving Ad Nauseam and drawing enough cards to assemble one of the combos.

Tutoring for Paradox Engine when you already have enough mana rocks or dorks in play to start chaining Thrasios activations.

Getting Bolas's Citadel in play and finding Sensei's Divining Top to assemble your own Yawgmoth's Bargain. From there you should be able to assemble at least one of the infinite mana combos and finish the game with Thrasios.

The maybeboard includes meta dependent cards such as Mnemonic Betrayal and budget replacements eg. Memory's Journey in place of Timetwister .


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