Playing and building this deck for years now, since I don't like all the aggro-stuff in modern.. I'm always happy about your suggestions and I'm ready to invest a little bit more into this deck, since I just love it. But please don't kill the budget completely.

How the deck works

It's a nice mixture between countering and removal to keep some control over the board, without locking the opponent completely down. In the end you finish with Crackling Drake and the most of the time with Thing in the Ice  ,which is just a great, often underrated card (especially with Lightning Bolt ). With cards like Manamorphose and Mission Briefing (in this deck maybe the "better" Snapcaster Mage ) you can flip Thing in the Ice  really unexpected and surprise your opponent. I just love to play this deck, it's so much fun to me...

I'm also happy about suggestions to my other decks, if you want to take a look at them:

Midrange - Artifact Control - Midrange - Lantern - Control


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